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  1. FranTTR

    06' plastic?

    I am not sure if 05 plastic fits on an 06, but I just put UFO YZ plastic on my 05 WR. It was a very simple process. The coolant bottle cut outs are already there , pre scored. Just have to cut them out. It took about 15 minutes.
  2. I am re jetting an 05 WR 250F, have a JD jet Kit, Zip Ty fuel screw, AM exhaust and opened the air box. This question is for anyone who added a 40 leak jet. Did you have to adjust the AP or did the 40 eliminate bog without AP adjustment? Based on former posts, adjusting the AP seem like quite a chore.
  3. FranTTR

    Transmission Fluid

    How often (# of Hours) do you change Tranmission Fluid? Yamaha YZ 85, Honda CR 80, Suzuki RM 65. Thanks
  4. The stock leak Jet is 95. Why is a 40 recommended? Is that to drastic a change? Also ... What size jets come with the Keihin leak jet kit on your site. Is there a 40 in the kit?
  5. Thanks: If I go with the 40 leak Jet, will I need to make any other AP adjustments? I have searched old TT posts and it seems like it gets complicated.
  6. Just purchased new/leftover 05 Yamaha WR 250F. All free mods complete Air box open Barnumspro 3x3 air box open hole, snorkel and screen removed, Pipe: FMF 4.1 slip on w stock header. I also purchased a JD Jet kit, and a Zip-Ty fuel mix screw, but have questions after doing a few searches. 1) Would you recommend I go to a 45 pilot jet and a 40 leak jet right away? 2) What size Main Jet and Needle/Clip position should I start with. I ride at 110 – 1025 feet. In the summer I ride at 60-90 degrees with high humidity.
  7. FranTTR

    05 WR 250 F Break In Questions

    What brass mess filter are you referring to?
  8. I recently purchased a new/leftover 05 WR 250F, have done all the free mods and have a few questions about break in. 1) Should bike "break in" occur before opening the airbox, adding an AM exhaust and re-jetting or is it OK to do before break in? 2) During "break in" how often should oil, and oil filter be changed and what oil should I use? In the past I used Mobile 1 Gold Cap 15-50, but it's synthetic, I have done 2 searches on TT and one link www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm recommended that synthetic oil be avoided. 3) What meathod of break in should I use? The manual recommends an "easy break in" and others recommend a "running it hard break in"? I'm a novice ... all helpful feedback is much appreciated
  9. FranTTR

    Good price on used yz 250 00'

    that guy beet the hell out of it and i would keep lookin if i were u
  10. Just purchased new/leftover 05 WR 250F and considering the FMF Factory 4.1 slip on. How does it perform? How is the sound? All feedback welcome. Thanks
  11. FranTTR

    Video: 3 mile wheelie on a YZ426F

  12. FranTTR

    2003 vs 2004 crf250

    which bike should I go for if I want the crf250 the 03 or 04? i'm guessing the 04.
  13. FranTTR

    yz125 or yz250f

    if i am going to race 2 races a month and ride half trails and half track the rest of the month should i get the 125 or the 250f. i ride a cr80 right now.
  14. FranTTR

    crf250 valves

    how can you make your valves last longer.
  15. FranTTR

    pc t-4

    do you have to have the wrapping in the t-4.