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  1. Jah WR


    The TT store clearly states AIS removal kit and says nothing about new jets/throttle stop etc.. It does an excellent job at what it claims to do, provide components for the removal of the AIS system. Not sure how you concluded jets and throttle stops were included. Enjoy you're bike without the decel pop!
  2. Jah WR

    Radiator braces or Guards or both?

    I purchased Devols for my 05 and had a little buyers remorse based on bracing design for frontal impact protection. Unabiker's look more sturdy but I must say the Devols have taken some significant shots and held up.
  3. Jah WR

    2006 WR450 Exhaust Sound Level Tests

    Dirt Rider magazine, in a test of the 2005 last year, quoted 92 Db with riveted-in baffle removed. So...., you should be in pretty good shape. On my 2005, I removed the tail pipe as well and installed a Pro-Moto Billet Insert. Nice boost in power and still below 96 Db.
  4. Jah WR

    2006 WR450 Exhaust Sound Level Tests

    The 2005 with the small inner baffle (the one riveted in place) removed measured ~93 Db. Regardless of the exact sound level, you can be sure it is below the 96 Db threshhold for open course riding. 2006 is no different in exhaust system design.
  5. Jah WR


    I've really liked the Fastway F.I.T system hand guards I installed on my 05. Taken many falls and have never had any hand/wrist injuries. The guards have held up well.
  6. Purchased 05 model last June for $6300 OTD. $300 of that was sales tax.
  7. Jah WR


    People advising you obviously don't know the thrill of ripping through the woods on a WR450. I'm 41 in 1 week and have no intention of stopping. Of course, the crash recovery is a little tougher!
  8. Jah WR

    2005 WR450 Exhaust Restrictor

    Correct, the inner baffle is the one to remove by drilling out the 2 rivets. The inner baffle is installed in what is known as the tail pipe so technically there is only one baffle at the exit end of the exhaust system. It'll stay below 96 DB and breath pretty well.
  9. Jah WR

    2005 WR450 Exhaust Restrictor

    Per the May issue of Dirt Bike magazine, yes,the 05 does stay below the 96 db limit with the end baffle removed. Don't waste your money on an insert.
  10. Jah WR

    Stock 05 WR Suspension VS Rider Weight

    I weigh 220 and measured my sag (while standing on pegs) at 108 mm with out of the crate settings on my 05 WR, little on the high side as ~100mm is optimum. I suspect a 190 to 200 lb rider would be pretty close with stock settings.
  11. Jah WR

    are my forks twisted ?

    Yes, it takes a lot of force to actualy bend the forks so I doubt yours are permanently bent. The forks rotating slightly in the clamps during a fall is very common. If you do a search on this topic you will find many instances of this corrective action. Technically, When the forks twist in the clamps, the axle shaft mount bores are not perfectly aligned axially. This causes a non-permanent deformation in bore and/or axle. The energy stored in the slighty (but not permanently) deformed wheel axle force the forks to rotate back into alignment once the upper and lower fork clamps are loosened. Let us know how it works.
  12. Jah WR

    are my forks twisted ?

    Same thing happened to mine after a fall. The upper fork tubes can rotate slightly in the upper and lower clamps, very common. Put the bike on a stand and loosen the upper and lower fork clamp bolts. Then loosen the front axles clamp bolts and immediately retorque them. Everything should line up perfectly. Torque lower and upper clamp bolts to specs.
  13. Jah WR

    05 WR450F Zip Ty And JD questions

    A #65 pilot jet seems odd to me. Are you sure you are talking about the pilot jet?? It is true that you can resize the pilot jet to keep the fuel screw with-in a given number of turns out from full in. You have uncorked your bike so it is definately breathing better. The Zip Ty is an easy to adjust aftermarket fuel screw with a knurled knob. The fuel screw and pilot jet work together to control the mix in lower end of throttle range. The JD kit basically addresses needle size (for mid throttle range) and main jet for mid to upper throttle range.
  14. Jah WR

    Back in the dirt after 20 years with 05 WR450

    Same deal here, just purchased a new 2005 after 20 years away from riding. There is alot of information on site that will help you increase the performance of your bike for little or no cost. Enjoy
  15. Jah WR

    Am I doing harm?

    No damage at all, engine just breathes a little better. The 05 has a new muffler and the bike still meets the 96Db offroad requirement with the end plug removed. I believe inserts were required on the older models to still meet the sound requirement (assuming you even cared about that!). You'll hear people tell you to rejet but my 2005 runs fine with the end baffle removed and stock jetting. I will probably richen it up as the weather cools this fall though.