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  1. Thanks for all the replies...Im going to keep working on my technique. Sometime i get lucky and its starts on the first or second kick, but thats only once the engine is warm. Cold starts still take a lot of kicks. Another question i have is about the kick lever, is there a way to greese it. mine used to flip closed once it flips back up, now it stays out. I see a screw...Can you take that out and pull it off and greese it?
  2. Questions are as follows: 1.How many kicks when the bike is both hot or cold does it take for you to kick over your bike? 2.If your bike always kicks on the first or second try what tips or tricks are there to doing this. 3.Any tips to kick starting a bike are greatly appreciated. Here is my story, So one day I had this bright idea to save some weight and make the bike a simpler machine by adding a kickstart and taking off the battery and the starter and installing some capacitors. I also installed a trailtech vapor. The kick start kit went in easy thanks to some awesome step by step instruction someone from advrider had made. So I finally get the back all wired up along with some fresh gas and oil and its time for do or die time....the first starting of the DRZ by kick. I kick and kick and nothing happens. I look around to see what the problem is...of course it helps to have the in the ON postion. I put the key to on and it starts up on the first kick. This is the only time so far i could get this thing to kick over on the first try. However since then im having a real issue with trying to start the bike. Seems like I have to kick it like 10 to 15 times to get it to start. And in this heat im about dead by the time it starts. If its always going to be this hard i may just put the starter and battery back in.
  3. hobo_hut

    Capacitor installation?

    Is it okay to use a capacitor if you are running healight, gps, and heated grips. Or will that put a strain on the charging system? Also will the clock stay accurate, thats not really a bid deal, but im curious. Can you have have to high a uF Capicitor? Thank for the replies by the way.
  4. hobo_hut

    Capacitor installation?

    Can I use any of those capacitors sold by the trailtech website? Also what does the uF mean? Will the bigger ones hold more power?
  5. hobo_hut

    Convert S Model to a K?

    How and where do you place the capacitor when getting rid of the battery. Some details on how this is done would be great. Without the battery is there still enough power to run heated grips, headlights, and a gps? Will running without a battery cause a bigger strain on the charging system? Id like to do this to save some weight and use the battery tray as a place to hold a tool kit and extra stuff.
  6. hobo_hut

    Ohio DRZ 400SM riders

    Im in cincinnati and can go riding pretty much anytime. Ive got my 17's on order they should be here in about 10 days.
  7. hobo_hut

    Torn between 3 tires

    Ive been using the Pirelli MT 21 for about 500 miles now. I use them about 50/50 off road and street. They do decent on the street so long as you are not trying hit curves at high lean angles. They are awesome off road have not given any problems and grip well on almost every surface i have put them up to. I have not tried them on rock yet. I would get them again even for the price, and so far they look like they are going to wear pretty good im expecting to get at the very least 2000 miles and probably more like 3000. Hope this helps. Here they are on my Bike
  8. Ive got a 2003 S. With 15/44 gearing, im not sure how long the chain is, but i know its not the stock chain, and it is the clip style. The snail adjuster is is at one notch past the 0 mark. I plan on getting a set of supermoto wheels as im currently at school in cincinnati and will be pretty much using it as my drive around town, drive home on the weekend bike, so id like some taller gearing for the sm wheels, id like to go to a 38 or 39 tooth on the pack. Id also like shorten the gears for my dirt wheels to something like a 48 tooth. This leads me to my real question: What is easier getting two chains and leaving the 15 in the front and switching out the chain when i switch wheels? Or just changing the front gears to a 13/44 for off road and a 16/41 for sm? Im pretty sure a 44 in the back is the biggest i could go with out extending the chain. Keep in mind im trying to do this the cheapest way that will enable fast switching of wheels when i need to.
  9. hobo_hut

    Anyone want to get rid of there low-mile deathwings?

    Ive got a set too that has 1,000 miles on them. I can post pics if you want.
  10. hobo_hut

    They should call them Probreaks not probends

    I finally got ahold of their customer service and the guy was super nice. He siad it must have been a bad set and they are sending me a new one with me just covering shipping.
  11. hobo_hut

    They should call them Probreaks not probends

    Thats why im upset about them, cause I barely even tried to bend them, and the first one bent easily and fit perfect and i bent the second one exactly the same way as the first. It was like as soon as i put pressure on it it snapped. I dont even have a huge problem with buying a replacement I just cant even get ahold of the company. Also to clarify i wasnt trying to bend it at the hole, it just broke there for obvious reasons. What would be the proper way to bend them then? So this doesnt happen again?
  12. I was really excited when I received my cycra probends in the mail which I ordered from thumpertalk store, I couldn’t wait to get them on. When it came time to install them I found that because I cut down my handlebars about a half inch on each side that the probends wouldn’t fit. So I decided to bend them a little bit so that they would fit. The first one bent just right and I bolted it on and it fit awesome. Now it’s was time to install the other side. I started to bend it....then SNAP!!! The thing broke in half...Of course you can imagine the vulgarities flying from mouth..I just dropped like 120 bones on these things, and they break. I decided to contact to cycra to see if I could get a replacement, hopefully for free, but id be willing to pay for just the one part, I just don’t want to buy the whole kit again. Needless to say after 1 email, 2 phone calls, and a 1 voice mail, I have still not heard back from them at all, not even a simple acknowledgement. I even talked to someone telling me that they would call me back as soon they came back from lunch. Looks like when I get back home from my internship ill be welding this thing back together. I hope to hear back from them soon so my faith in the company can be restored.
  13. Im glad you all like the looks of it. I wasnt sure how it would look when i decided on the colors. I used cans to paint it, couldnt find the vinyl and fabric paint any other way. I also toyed with the idea of spraying a matte clear coat over it to protect it better, but i think ill leave it like this...it makes for easy touch ups. As for the stone house. Im a living here in high bridge new jersey interning for ingersoll rand and im renting a room from the guy who owns this house. I tried a couple different methods for the paint: -No sanding: This turned out to be the most scrath resistant -Sanding with 400: Pretty good also, basicly the same resistance as no sanding -Adhesion promoter: seemed to work awesome at first but does not hold up as well as with out. Keep in mind I rubbed down all the plastic with acetone and preps-all before painting. At first i though this paint was a big mistake cause i could scratch it with my fingernail. But after about 3 days it was pretty tough. I took a spill and the parts with no adhesion promotor (radiator shrouds) didnt scratch at all and the other parst did scratch a bit, very little though, not even visable from more then 5 feet away. The great thing about this paint as it blends so well, i can spray it over a just the part that got scratched and you cant even tell it was ever scratched anymore. Someone asked about the texture, if you spray it on heavy and wet it is smooth, if you mist it on it develops a very light texture. I experimented a lot before starting the project.
  14. The paint is medium gray duplicolor vinyl and fabric paint.
  15. I was bored this week so i decided to paint my bike. Im keeping it nice clean. Clean meaning sticker free. Hope the paint stays scratch free for awhile.