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  1. Thanks again for the recommendations! One question. The XTs are about the same in power as the DR/Zs? I'll do a search.
  2. Thanks for both of your replies!
  3. Hi all, I first had the idea that I should get a 250cc or below since I have no riding experience. But after reading here for a while, I see that I should have at least 450cc for comfortable street riding, and at least 650cc for highway usage. Is this right?? I'm 5'11" and weigh 150lb. I'd be using this to get around the city and would hardly use it on the highways. Might try some things off-road in the dirt. I wanted to get a cheap off-road bike and dual-sport it (like a KLX300R or WR250/450F), but I kind of remember from what I read, that you have to adjust valves and change oil a lot... It sounds confusing and pricey. Cost is somewhat an issue as I'm a poor college student! Any advice as to what I should get that's both road and dirt capable? I wouldn't mind having to buy a dual-sport kit for it. Mostly interested in Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki (very little). Thanks in advance!!