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  1. sorry, my server tonight was down. Now pics must be seen. I tried to polish one place, ant it really looks like it won't be darable. so decided to go powder coating. hope to finish this project till septemper. as i want to do saome racing with this baby this year btw, do you have any pics with black frame + black swingarm? wonder how it looks
  2. hello, still refurbishing my kx250. now is the turn for some framework. I am planing to do a black-silver color combination. After sanding the frame I left it for powder coating in black. But I don't know what to do with swing arm. I also sanded it and it looks now like that: closer look I want it to look like ktm's swingarm. Have anyone tried polishing it, or is it just a waste of time? also powder coating? leave as it looks like now? All suggestions and share of experience are welcome
  3. I know the bore, but there are no such option in TT store catalogue in PROX list I am a newbie in smokers I searched the forum for pistons and didn't find anything (just, that there are different cylinders a,b,c,d and other general information about pistons). Thats why I need a something like pointing with a finger from experts, which one to buy here is a link to TT catalogue for prox piston kits
  4. Hello, I am overhauling my kx 250, made in 2000. I bought a new oem cylinder from ronayers.com and as I want to get all parts in one time, I want to order either wiseco or prox piston. Both offer many options in bore size (66.35; 66.36; 66.37 etc.). Which exact models from those two manufacturers, would fit my new cylinder? p.s. i know about differences between forged wiseco and oem prox piston, just haven't decided which to buy (probably will flip the coin )
  5. quailchaser, thank you for recommendations
  6. Hello, I bought kx 250 made in 2000. Now I am planing to refurbish it completely. somewhere in this forum I read, that during time, there were diferent cylinder coatings. I am planing to install new cylinder + piston + crankshaft and many onther minor parts and I wonder are there any better interchangeable years' cylinder to buy instead of year 2000 ? This will be my first two stroke, so any advices are welcome. Regards, heyy
  7. Hello, thanx for offer. I hope bike is somewhere in European Union, as California is almost in the opposite side of the World to Lithuania. Anyway, was ir worth putting kx500 suspension into klx for enduro riding? Also I wonder about differences in engine and suspension compared those two versions - C to R.
  8. hello, after blowing up my klr's engine I am in a market for another dirtbike with better suspension and more powerful engine, but in quite tight budget. I rode my friend's klx650r and really liked it. But here in Europe, they are really rare and hard to find I am thinking about buying KLX650c and converting it to R version. Have anyone done that? Is it possible? I want those 135 kg and a smooth, reliable engine. Also red button seems to be in it, thats not bad at all klxs seems to be made for a long period of time. Was there any updates in engine suspension etc? Any thoughts and advices are welcome.
  9. Thanx for information. Thats what I was looking for. All my friends (riders/mechanics), who ride in mx, couldn't answer to it, as they rebuild top end very often There are no amateur two strokers in our area, so it is hard to collect info Also does your friend use oem parts or some aftermarket and does he change only piston/rings, or rebuild whole engine - crankshaft bearings, etc
  10. hello, i am new to two strokes but very interested in one - cr 250 (2001-03) I read in previous posts many responses, and my view about this bike is quite positive. I just have a question which bother me. How many hours after, the engine's top end must be rebuid? I am driving mainly in forests, light offroad, easy mx tracks just for fun.
  11. hello, i am planing to buy a new bike probably next year, and was sure, that ill buy something hard enduro (250-450 ccm). BUT a few days before I saw one technical description of mx bike, and was impressed. 250 ccm four stroker has more than 30 kw of power So as I am riding mostly offroad, motocross bikes become an option. But I wonder about their reliability. Especialy engines? Will I need to change some parts often, or even overhaul engine after year of riding etc As I have a few friends, who are motocross riders, and they overhaul 4stroke engines a few times in a season So all information is welcome about choosing hard enduro/mx bike. p.s. street legal is not an option which i prefer.
  12. hello, i am searching in internet for used mikuni carb for my klr250. And there are a few options of mikuni tm carbs for two strokers. Are there any major differnces in 2t and 4t carbs?