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  1. Never seen that done before. I will definitely try that. Thanks for the video !
  2. Drained and replaced the Anti Freeze, it's hot out on those streets in So Cal !
  3. You should do a video on this technique. Many would be interested to see how this is done.
  4. The Raptor Petcock can be used but doesn't fit very well without alterations, do a search and there is a lot of information.
  5. I used that repair kit to rebuild my stock vacuum petcock after it started leaking, worked great. Now I will modify the Raptor Petcock as shown above to use when the stock vacuum petcock fails.
  6. After my vacuum petcock failed, I tried to find a suitable non vacuum replacement. I ended up rebuilding the stock vacuum petcock because I ran into problems like yours. This has been discussed many times and I don't think there is a perfect solution. I hope you find a suitable replacement or fix.
  7. My FCR has that baffle.
  8. Installed my repaired left side radiator from Mylers Radiator Repair !
  9. Distilled water, tap water contains some bad stuff for radiators. Great topic since I just got my radiator back from Mylers Radiator Repair.
  10. I think since Mylers has such a good reputation and I do not know of any local shops I trust, I will send it to Mylers and get it repaired right the first time.
  11. It's not twisted, just started leaking so I will hit up the local scene and try to find a shop that repairs aluminum radiators.
  12. Thanks for the response ptgarcia
  13. Noticed that my left side radiator is leaking. Should I try to get it fixed locally or I have heard that Mylers Radiator Repair is a good shop. Suggestions