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  1. I always heard that using the Uni pod type filters and doing away with the air box created a jetting problem.
  2. Same setup as yours and thanks for all the good info. I had to buy a generic main jet cause I couldn't find a genuine Kiehin even at their website. For some reason everyone was out of 155 mains.
  3. It's all good ohiodrz400sm ! No harm, no foul !
  4. Never said that I didn't want to take your word. I'm out
  5. You asked a question and a guy who has had 3 fuel tanks and 4 different carburetors responded. Be my guest if you want to spend money and learn by trial and error like I did. What does that mean ? What did you learn ? What is the answer ?
  6. As of right know I think I will just rebuild the stock vacuum petcock and continue on this mission of finding a replacement non vacuum petcock.
  7. Nothing is ever easy.
  8. It's not but the petcock orientation is pretty much identical. On my stock DRZ 400S tank, the petcock mounts up inside the bottom of the tank approx. 1 in. Not flat on the bottom as in your picture.
  9. I don't think the tube is the issue, it is the on, off, reserve control that is giving him issues hitting the bottom of the tank.
  10. I don't think that is a stock DRZ 400S tank.
  11. Just ordered a rebuild kit for my stock vacuum petcock. I will continue to try to locate a suitable non vacuum petcock with a vertical fuel outlet.
  12. In the process of trying to locate a suitable option.
  13. For my setup, stock 400S tank and the FCR MX39 I would definitely need a petcock with a vertical outlet.
  14. Thanks for all the info and replies.