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  1. revere

    chad reed's bad attitude....

    Couldn't of said it better mate
  2. Even down here in Aussie land we got every SX race this year 1 week after the race EVERY WEEK on ESPN, now with nationals they end up airing like 2 weeks late, we got like the first two rounds, and now F%&*ing wimbledon is on all day everyday and no nationals. Cause we don't have OLN in Australia it airs on fox-sports from OLN, anyways OLN is just 'morbidly obese' and i can't see how fox-sports can attract more viewers by airing 6 hours of the world domino championships a week and not even 2 hours of motocross a week.
  3. revere

    new pictures of the 07 ktms

    there starting to grow on me now, first off i thought they looked hideous with the lack of number plates and different tank, shroud set up, but im thinking they look prety sweet now, apart from the front fender.
  4. revere

    checked my valves

    decided i better get my valves checked on my 05 crf250 after a year and a half of riding. Anyways dropped it off at the shop, picked it up few days later. The guy told that they were spot on still, so im super happy with that. Don't know if im one of the lucky ones, but I do maintain my bike meticulously (change the oil, oil filter every three rides, air filter every 1-2 rides). i do ride reasonably hard as well (intermediate rider) and have prolly put about 150hrs on that bike. anyways im really happy my crf250
  5. revere

    Mojo Motorcycles?

    they are like $2500US, dunno if they can ship, check out there website and get there contact details mojo motorcycles
  6. revere

    best pit bike on market

    the motovert pro was voted the best chinese built bike on the australian market, after a head to head bike test with another 4 of the top chinese built bikes on the aussie market, the test was in freerider magazine by the way.
  7. revere

    best pit bike on market

    moto vert these things are awesome, $3100AUS
  8. revere

    one industries kits

    dude where did you get those ALL white side panels from? i'vs searching for a set of those for ages