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  1. stinky1

    Oil for 20F Riding

    I have been using 0-30W rotella or mobile for 3 years now. Coldest I ride is -25C. At that temp bikes OK, rider is the one that breaks. I have a 2moto kit, its great but the mountain horse is better in the deep.
  2. stinky1


    Look in the snowmobile section under specialty. not that much info mostly chat. Have a 2 moto and in Riverdale. As for cold not that fun after -25. To help with cold, jet richer, 0-30 oil, fuel screw out, run two top vent lines up ( foam on ends can help) Check timbersled site, they now have airfilter skins
  3. stinky1

    Carb help, bike not getting gas

    I would check your cam timing again. When I put the 290 kit on the 250, I had the head ported and the jetting had to leaned out quiet a bit.
  4. stinky1

    What did you do to your WR today?

    The bike is in winter mode now. Merry Christmas all.
  5. stinky1

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Putting the track back on the 450 & hopping the weather warms a little.
  6. stinky1

    RE: Track and Ski conversion info wanted

    Hey guys For serious snow ridding there are only two options right now. That is the 2moto radix or the Timbersled Mountainhorse. I have a 2moto setup on my bike and its a blast . I would love a mountianhorse ,they seem to be a lot better in the deep fresh snow. There is a forum in snowmobile,specialty check it out.
  7. stinky1

    Full DC system and ebatt?

    I was hoping to upgrade my lighting on my 08 wr to a hid light. Also I would like to run a ebatt with the stator conversion and trail tech reg/rec. Does anyone know if the ebatt can handle the extra wattage from the stator when the light is off (stealth mode).