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  1. well guys i made it back from work in FL and today we are going to the feel free to join us
  2. ok we are all going to Gatorland in bourg LA
  3. ...holeshot got rained out......We dont know yet where we are heading to.... Maybe Gatorland or Z-man
  4. Well it s saturday morning, 7:45am, february 18th, Benny, Andy, Terry, lucas, Jules, tony and I are heading to the HOLESHOT in loranger. We got a few rain drop but nuttin to get the yard and the track heavily wet....You guys are welcome to join us :thumbsup:
  5. guys are funny!!!! Well ty DJ.....I m blushing now!!! ehehhe
  6. yeah you might have a bad jet
  7. sounds good med, i will be going to Holeshot this w/e....probably as well on tuesday night and thursday night.....need to see my work schedule...
  8. Well I m in LA so I m riding almost all the track out here....So thorina did you like MX track?
  9. Was good to see you dirty sanchez....was kinda cold by the end of the day but yeah was good to ride Hope to see you out there soon enough...
  10. All the tracks were closed....SHAME!!!!! We ended up at the Spillway...muddy wet fun!!!! Anyway, today, sunday 12th I m going to the s open for pratice , no rain yesterday... A few riders are heading there as well.....The track opens at 10am till dark.... See you out there
  11. Well, all the tracks have been closed cause of the storm and heavy rain we got on friday night....we went to the our asses controled by a park ranger for "decibels"...yeah they said any bike or quad which are over 90 deci cant ride anymore.....guess what? I scored 98 and then over 112 with a quarter throttle turn.... So was DJ with a nice 115 on a quarter Guess we will be all banned from the spillway.... Today , Sunday 12th holeshot is open to I will be heading there shortly.....
  12. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that this coming saturday we will be heading to the HOLESHOT in Loranger with approximately 14 if you guys wanna come well you are welcome As well we are heading there tonight for some riding time
  13. KK DJ...sounds like a plan to me......was supposes to go ride on wednesday at holeshot...but we got rained over here So far no plans for this w/ yup we stay tuned!!!!
  14. Well I tried the 250 sx but ended up with the 450 Special Edition (R.steve). I was really going to get that nice 250 but since I m still a newbie I took the 450 cause the special edition is a way more smoother than the 250. The 250 was kinda too powerfull for me. I know it sounds like "what the heck??? a 250 mor epowerfull than a 450???" If you guys get the chance to try a 450 sx special edition you will be amazed how that bike does ride....smoother than the 250 and all the power of a 450 in high range!
  15. the post a way too late Could have take Jordan and is 50 for a spin out there...shame on me!!!! Give me yours phone # back.....Had to change our phone, J thought it will be happy to see if the phone could swim as well in the pool...lost all our #