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  1. cholwerk

    The Straw that broke the camel's back

    Bull Shit.
  2. Just posted it in the Classifieds. New in package. Never mounted. I bought it and never put it on the bike. Now the bike is sold....asking $125 obo.
  3. cholwerk

    help 650r T-4

    Just be ready...this pipe is LOUD.
  4. cholwerk

    Spongey XR on street

    Because he is a moron.
  5. cholwerk

    650R Stock Carb Up for Grabs

    10 bucks plus Shipping sound fair? Got a couple of spare jets I'll throw in.
  6. cholwerk

    XR650 or CRF450X

    Only 176 more worthless one posts till you get to a grand.
  7. cholwerk

    Creeky forks?

    Do you have the stock fork boots or aftermarket motocross style fork shield. The scotts shields (like they used to sell with the fork brace) will squeak in a similar manner to what you describe. WD40 will fix them.
  8. cholwerk

    Online source for honda OEM discount parts

    Service Honda is OK, but it took them 18 days to get me my in stock parts. Not real impressive. I have had good luck with the ThumperTalk store.
  9. cholwerk

    Supermoto pants/riding gear

    One word... Kangaroo.
  10. cholwerk

    Out gunned by wr450

    This is a sad day... Driven out of OUR forums by a 16 year old whining bitch. F*@#*r.
  11. cholwerk

    Highway use

    A temp sensor is a highly sophisticated device that measures the temperature of another device. This piece of advanced technology is well beyond your comprehension, and its use should be left to the big boys.
  12. cholwerk

    Highway use

    The 650L was not made for the highways.
  13. cholwerk

    is it a giggle or a cry?

    If I had gotten caught drinking I would not have worried at all about what the cop would do. It is what my dad would have done. Which was the point of my post, that most PARENTS are not doing their job. The lack of good parenting could be parts of the reason that cops and society in general have..... Oh forget it, how can you argue with someone who thinks drinking and driving is OK. If your gonna drink do it at home, or somewhere safe and the cops wont give a crap. Just stay off the roads.
  14. cholwerk

    is it a giggle or a cry?

    IMHO, the aforementioned breaks are why todays kids are such sad cases. Perhaps if kids got fewer breaks they would learn lessons, instead of just getting Daddy to help them out.