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  1. team claw

    Pucker Video - South Fork of the Salmon River

    South Fork Salmon River.........gotta ask, do you ever spot salmon or steelhead in that stretch of river from the trail? Sorry, but I'm addicted to fishing even more than dirtbike riding:) Not that I want to go drop everything, pack the rods and go there. I'm just fascinated with how far into central Idaho those fish can go from the ocean. Beautiful country.
  2. team claw

    Tahuya was empty 9/10/11

    Unfortunately, very true. The state gets enough of my money with ORV tabs and fishing/hunting license fees....and I still need "The Pass" for my truck to park at Tahuya? Sorry, that's where I drew the line. It's put a crimp in my riding in so far as Tahuya and Capitol are concerned but I'll live.
  3. team claw

    Gifford Conditions

    +1 What trail section/number is that rocky segment Jeff speaks of?......the part where the helmet cam rider pauses for a minute before progressing. It looks familiar and I think I may have ridden it a few seasons ago but not sure.
  4. team claw

    motocross nationals no show on Seattle affiliate??

    Awesome! Thanks for the link.
  5. team claw

    motocross nationals no show on Seattle affiliate??

    Well, it seems to be official...Seattle is the only market in the country skipping the showing of this weekend's national. Vern, can you pass on any NBC affiliates you found with streaming? Save me some looking. Thanks.
  6. Like many, I've been following the AMA motocross nationals all summer on SPEED and NBC. This Saturday, the second 450 Unadilla moto is supposed to air live on NBC at noon pacific time. Was just thumbing through the channel guide on Comcast and KING TV the Seattle NBC affiliate has MLS soccer being shown at that time......***??? We went through this crap a few years ago with another Seattle station doing the same thing opting not to air some supercrosses. So, is the Seattle area going to be the only NBC affiliate in the country to get treated to soccer instead of the nationals?
  7. team claw

    "$40 Explore Washington Pass"

    Cripes! This has my head reeling. OK, for clarity.......... I hunt and fish and possess the appropriate license and WDFW access placard. This makes me free and clear of "the pass" on all WDFW lands only? I will still need "the pass" at parks and DNR lands? DNR lands... I ride a dirtbike and pay ORV tabs. It sounds like my ORV-tabbed bike is exempt from "the pass" on DNR lands BUT my pickup, which hauls the bike, will still need "the pass" in order to park on DNR lands such as Tahuya and Capitol Forest? Or does my exempt bike cover my truck? On top of the hunt/fish licenses and ORV tabs purchased, it sounds like I am still going to get cornered with needing "the pass".....most of whose money won't even go to my chosen recreation? Only in Washington State!
  8. team claw

    Washington Smuggler Poker Run

    Was browsing the NMA calendar and noticed the Smuggler in August is now being staged 1 day at Tahuya??? What happened with the Tacoma Trail Cruisers launch site from their property in Capitol Forest? Long history there and just wondering why the sudden change.
  9. team claw

    Shelton Valley Enduro

    Had a great time as well. Would appreciate it if someone here can give a heads up when the results are online as well as the photographer's pics.
  10. team claw

    Shelton Valley Enduro

    Never been a problem for us in years past and we do that pretty much every year.
  11. team claw

    2011 China Hat ISDE results

    There were some professional photographers on the course. Anyone have links to their websites/photo galleries?
  12. team claw

    2011 China Hat ISDE results

    Thanks. Had a good time. The rain the night before was just what the doctor ordered!
  13. team claw

    straddleline orv park

    Excellent! You kind of answered question 2 in your answer to question 1 at the bottom of your reply. A $5 parking fee to access the woods is very reasonable.....it was $10 which was steep enough to thwart many of us who just wanted woods access. Thanks.
  14. team claw

    straddleline orv park

    Was just going to ask the same question. I'm a local who lives about 20 min from the park. First of all, a big for taking on this endeavor. Sounds like your thinking it out correctly. I'd like to add that I'm a woods rider, not a motocrosser but enjoy the park none-the-less.....anything dirtbike related gets my support. A couple questions: 1) Any chance you can bring back the WORCS races for the 2012 season? 2) would you consider a separate parking fee for those of us who would only use the park as a secure launching point for Capitol Forest? There are quite few riders who continue out the park and up the mainline to launch so as to avoid parking fees. A slightly reduced fee for woods-access-only could reel in some of those people and generate more money for you. Just a thought. 3) Will you be in contact with area motorcycle clubs about launching enduros and poker runs out of your facility? Used to happen quite a bit but not so much lately. Would be WAY better than Rock candy or Middle Waddel. Looking forward to your success and a thriving park!
  15. team claw

    2011 China Hat ISDE

    Sunday, April 17th. I noticed on the Lobos website that there are still openings as of yesterday....quite a change from recent years when it reached the rider limit in less than 24 hrs. Kinda curious why because it's a great event. Crappy economy rearing it's ugly face? Washington has quite a few big events in the month of April too. Probably a combination of those things I suspect. Regardless, should be a blast!