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  1. emelvin

    miami trail apreciation day

    In reference to weather in Plumas in the summer, it gets up to the mid 80's in July-Aug. In the Miami Trails/Oakhurst area, in the same months the 90's plus. Still ridable, but one has to start at first light. Earl
  2. emelvin

    miami trail apreciation day

    Hi Adam Did many turn out? I wanted to come out, but had to go and do a final inspection on the house I am buying up in the Plumas National Forest Area (Forbestown). Any more events scheduled? Earl
  3. I am looking to relocate to Silver Springs soon and was wondering if anyone had any information on the area? Land prices are cheap, and it looks like it is central to riding. Coming from Fresno, Ca the heat looks like it slightly lower in the summer. Looks like most riding is within 2 to 3 hours, where Fresno is 3 to 5 hours.
  4. I am looking for a complete used late model clutch pack (some life left) to try and install into a 2011 beta 450rs. I have heard a rumer that it will fit. I am trying to fit a revloc dyna-ring.
  5. emelvin

    Power valve spring tool a necessity?

    I just use a flat bladed screwdriver, it fits perfectly. It is the one I wrap my duct tape around, kept in a rear fender tool bag. 08 250/300xcw
  6. emelvin

    NueTech Tubeless

    Not trying to hijack the thread. But Chas_M, are you saying you had a flat with the NueTech system?
  7. emelvin

    trail tech vs pro moto billet kick stand

    I just installed the Pro Moto Billet kick stand. It does stand the bike up a little more verticle than I would like. Anyway if it becomes a problem in the field, I will just short'n it up a bit and tig weld it. The stand foot goes up under the number plate a couple of inches, it should not snag on anything. Anyone have an easy way to get the peg back on, the spring is pretty strong?
  8. emelvin

    Miami Trails Condition 10-01-09

    Rode 30 miles today. 5 or 6 hunters and and a backhoe and two road graders. They were wideing some of the roadways, the graders not the hunters. Otherwise very nice weather. Dry and dusty, if someone had been following. Going back up this Saturday, should be pretty quiet.
  9. emelvin

    BLM Riding - What are you waiting for?

    1 Oct up here in the Central Valley, I took the 1st and 2nd off. I will be up at Miami Trails, looks to be in the low 80's.
  10. I need to get a kick stand for my 05 rmz450. I have looked at some of the threads but really looking for more input. Comments like the trail tech hollow tube broke, does not sound good. I do not really mind spending more for the billet stand (about 50.00), But I see they changed the bracket between the 05-07 and 08-09 models. Wondering if they have had issues with the older style breaking. I like the internal spring on the billet model, the external spring is just something else to snag. Any Comments?
  11. I have had the issue where my ktm would not hold pressure after a couple of days. Tried all the usualy things; bleeding etc. Finally, I pulled the caliper and pads, after reinstalling everything it has not given be any problems in Months.
  12. emelvin

    PCGP on the 18th

    Anyone Going that needs a ride. I am going up on Sunday, leaving around 3am. Gates open at 6. I have a van and can take another, I will be in the last race of the day. It means getting back after dark.
  13. emelvin

    Shane Watts dirt wise???

    Yes I have to agree, go with faster riders. Problem is that unless you are riding on an open course (flat track or mx), It is hard to learn from them when you loose sight of them after the first turn. About the only time you will see them is when they take a break. I ride mostly single track, and if you are not concentrating on the trail the only thing the faster riders can do for you is call the ambulance. Tapes like Watts and Semics’s will show you how to do the basics. Our job is to try to master each step. I know I am a better rider because of the tapes and schools I have attended. If you have trouble with switch backs, sudden changes in the trail, ledges, etc; and you actually do the basic skill items demonstrated you will get better. Knowing just how much throttle or brake to use in any situation only comes from doing them. I used to have major problems with down hills you know, locking the brakes up, lowest gear, both feet out. Now on those same types of hills I am on the gas a gear higher, because I know that when I come upon the turn I can make it without wiping out. Anyway, want to get faster master the basics. By the way if you plan on attending his school, you might want to work on everything on his tape, because you will be doing them all in his class.
  14. emelvin

    250 or 300... help. Trading in my 525.

    I swaped my 05 525exc for a rmz450. Purchased the 08 250xcwe. Love the 250, wish I had gotten the 300. I would get the 300 if given the chance. If you find it to much you can either detune it or I will trade you my 250 topend paying the shipping cost for both. I also have a autoclutch, It is more like a four stroke than my 525 was, much easer to ride.
  15. emelvin

    Miami Creek

    As to where to ride during the red sticker season. I will have to stop riding every weekend and start only going when i can make it an overnighter. South to Kennedy Meadows, or up north. I like Plumas. Almost everything seems to be at least three hours away. Of Course there is always the motocross tracks, I have a new (2005) to me rmz450 that has not seen a lot of use yet! I just have to justify the Entrance fee plus the usual gas. I have only gone to Clear Creek 3 times in the last 3 years, so unless it is a special occasion, I probably not be going there again. It is just not worth it with the new fee schedule. Yes I know it is also a red sticker area.