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  1. My 8 year old Shoei.
  2. It's a joint effort by all manufacturers to get the motorcycling community better at math. I don't have a problem with it. In fact, I applaud their efforts.
  3. If you want a yellow one, 06 is the best year.
  4. Put it on craigslist for 3500. If that's overpriced for your area you won't get too many emails on it. If that's the case just relist it in a week or two. I've sold three bikes on craigslist and each one was out of my garage within a week.
  5. I'd guess it has more to do with the fcr than anything else. I've got an 06 SM with full yosh exhaust, 3x3 and 16T front sprocket. Almost all of my riding is on the freeways and I get 55-64 mpg.
  6. I haven't run car oil in my drz, but did it in one other bike and the result was a clutch that slipped badly in every gear.
  7. Go to your local napa and buy some wheel weights. Once the tire is on the rim, put the axle back thru it and balance it on something. Milk crates with some 2x4's might work, I use two chairs and rest one side of each axle on a chair. Spin the tire and add weight to the side that needs it. Hard to explain, but it's pretty obvious (at least to me) where the weight needs to go. When it starts coming to a stop gradually and at an even rate of deceleration is when you have the weight correct. Anything more than 10 bucks to balance a tire that you carry in is ridiculous. That's like paying $250 for an oil change.
  8. Depends on what type of riding you do, but goint +1 on the front sprocket or -2 on the rear might be enough to bump you up into the 70's. Made a noticeable difference on mine.....as did removing the giant radiator shrouds/air brakes.
  9. How is it a problem? Has it affected your ability to ride the bike in some way? If there were a ton of people getting tickets for being under the speed limit I would agree with you, but the speedos read faster than what you are actually going......so if anything they are helping save speeding tickets for all of us.
  10. I've had a lot of bikes and it's pretty much widely accpeted and known that the speedos read 10% faster than what you are actually going.
  11. You either need a new sticker or a new picture of your plate.
  12. Loved the theme song, loved the show.
  13. I'd agree....kbb private party 3100, trade in value 2100. I'd list it on craigslist at 3 grand and get as much as possible for it if you are set on a new bike. Smarter would probably be to just buy a set of SM wheels.
  14. There's been a couple people that have posted threads about making their own windshields for very cheap. I'm too lazy to search for ya, but I remember them being very affordable and easy to do....easy enough that you could probably go to the hardware store and get one made for the rest of your journey. Looks like a lot of fun other than the serious a** pain. Ride safe!
  15. What's that work out to, five hours of labor??? He probably saved you more than just $400, not letting a dealer work on it also keeps four or five things from braking in the next couple weeks.