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  1. JKrajovan

    xr80 stumble/cutout problem

    Have you checked the gas tank? Sometimes the petcock filter can be stuck with debris. Put clear gas lines on so you can see if she is getting gas to the carb. JK
  2. JKrajovan

    Flywheel Puller

    If anybody is interested...I didn't need a flywheel puller after all. I had two crescent moon shapes where I could fit in a "points file." I filed down the points and she started. Then I ran into carb problems, but she started. Thanx for your input and help. Now, the problem lies in fixing or cleaning the choke on the carb. Any help, I'll take it...JK
  3. JKrajovan

    Flywheel Puller

    I need to take the flywheel off of a 1983 XR80. Does anyone know the size or dimensions for the exact flywheel puller? Need to get inside and check a couple of things Thanx...JK