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  1. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!
  2. Got my SM today!!! This bike dominates the road, I love it. It runs excellent even if it is stock and im not dissapointed with the power either. Doing the 3X3 mod, adding an aftermarket exhaust and rejetting must turn this bike into a monster. I rode it really hard today and now I feel a bit guilty like maybe I rode it too hard. Everyone says to break it in hard but is there such a thing as too hard?
  3. Also do you think I should get some oil and a filter when i pick up the bike tomorrow for that first oil change? I was thinking I would get the bike on Thursday ride it hard Thursday afternoon and Friday and then do the oil change on Saturday morning. Does the SM also have that irregularity on the shifter that needs filing or is that just the S? Thanx for all your help guys I really appreciate it.
  4. Thanx rmcnelly, it was a bit confusing but I should be able to see what your talking about when my bike arrives tomorrow. Brand new 06 DR-Z400SM, I'm pretty amped. I was just at the dealer and they showed me these little vent type things you can use for the airbox. You drill some holes in the airbox and then just pop these little vent plug things in. Anybody have any thoughts about that? Would that be the same as doing the 3X3 mod only a little neater?
  5. What is a cdi??
  6. How much armor is necessary on a SM. I was thinking of getting the CFC case shields, radiator guards and handguards. Is there anything else? Is a skid plate only necessary for offroad riding?
  7. Does one need to remove the carburetor completely to do the jetting? And is it necessary to remove that black box fuel evaporation thingy on a SM?
  8. Sorry man, I'm from South Africa and know squat about names of cities and states. I mean I didn't even know New Orleans was in Louisiana. All I knew was it was in the south somewhere. Glad to see your alrite. In South Africa we don't get any natural disasters, I wouldn't know what to do if I was in the middle of a hurricane. How bad did you get it where you are?
  9. Don't worry 00drzs I also know bugger all about the 3X3 mod and I also have a few questions about it. What did you guys use to cut the hole? Is the airbox made of plastic? Should you only do it after the break in period or doesn't it matter? Is it possible for a complete noob like me to do the 3X3 mod and rejet without too much hassle? I just don't want to start doing it than i screw something up and my bike runs like crap just because I'm an idiot hehe. BTW this is a great site and I'm sure if i do the mod and do something wrong there will be plenty of people on here to help me out.
  10. Did you get that kit yet. Im intersted to hear the results?
  11. How is the petrol price doing down there, is it going through the roof?
  12. Also is it DOT? Thanx in advance for answering my noob questions. Plenty more to come later when I actually get my DRZ.
  13. What exactly needs cutting? Is it the plastic so it fits snuggly under the rear fender without sticking out the sides?
  14. Have you ever seen "Robin Hood men in tights", blinkin is the really funny blind guy. That dude cracks me up.
  15. Hoe lyk it digitaldan Im also from South Africa and now I live in California. I used to live in Stellenbosch. Where are you from?