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  1. dcg141

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    The most impressive thing is how "under wraps" Honda kept all this. They must have threatened to kill people.
  2. dcg141


    I'm not. I'm working on local trail with all this rain and not being able to ride. I won't have bikes until next week and I ordered primarily small bikes. I'm going to expand the line this summer as they introduce new models. I may have the ones I ordered sold already. I put the word out and had one guy called about a bike for his gf and I added that bike to the order this morning. I had several customers this weekend looking for kids beginner bikes and we took everyone's phone numbers and they all said they wanted to see them when they come in. I should have done this before now but seems like I possibly timed it right with their expanded line of new product.
  3. dcg141


    Well...I'm a dealer now. Going to start with the small bikes and see how it goes. I'm actually pretty excited. I get so many customers that I have to turn away and I want them to be my customers.
  4. dcg141


    Do I want to be a dealer? I'm a KTM/Husqvarna dealer and I get a lot of customers looking for a cheaper dirt bikes or kids beginner bikes that I just don't have. Honestly what scares me is the prices are so cheap that either there is no margin for dealers or the bikes are not very good.
  5. Someone explain to me current fascination the automotive world has with the V-6. I'm not pointing fingers at any one manufacturer because I have had a lot of different V-6 powered vehicles of different flavors. They all suck. Power is ok, compared to a V-8 and they do not tow well. Worst of all, the gas mileage is only slightly better and when you tow its much worse. Now granted I have not driven any of the supercharged V-6's out there, but it does not look like they get very good gas mileage when tuned to put out more HP. Honestly the best mileage I have ever gotten towing a small enclosed trailer is from my wife's 06 X5 with a 4.4 V-8.
  6. dcg141

    Hi-Point Trailer

    I saw a really clean one at the LL Falll Ride. I had one back in the 80's.
  7. dcg141

    Beast from the East joins GasGas

    Torrot has them going in the right direction I believe and seem committed to the brand. The 18 is going to be a huge forward in equipment.
  8. dcg141

    Beast from the East joins GasGas

    Copy and paste from their e-mail. Its on their facebook page as well. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Torrot GasGas NA Announces New Promotions/Racer April 13th, 2017 – GasGas is proud to announce that Mr. Damon Bradshaw has joined the GasGas family to assist in promotions and is getting into off road competition aboard the GasGas EC300. Damon is a Monster Energy Athlete and has been spending his time inside a Monster Energy Truck but is ready to get back to his roots in life and back on two wheels. Damon has been testing and working with the EC300 for the last couple of weeks in North Carolina and has agreed to work with Torrot GasGas moving forward. “We are very excited to have Mr. Bradshaw join our family. Damon will bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to our growing effort, and the fans love Damon,” commented Mark Berg of Torrot GasGas North America, Inc. Damon is planning on attending and competing in a wide variety of events throughout the year. “My plans are to have fun and be at the races with the enjoyment of being with the fans, family and friends again, that is what I miss the most, the competition and the people.” Damon continued to comment “I have been watching Torrot GasGas new management and direction for the last year now and very excited at the possibilities we can do together moving forward.” In addition to racing, Mr. Bradshaw will be working with GasGas to create some special events for youth involvement and support media events in the months to come. “We strongly believe in grass roots promotions and keeping the wheels turning with the young people out there. There is no better way to help grow the sport than by having a person like Mr. Bradshaw working with us to promote GasGas and off-road to the masses.” Mark Berg continues “the numbers show, riders of off road competition are getting older on average and all the manufacturers need to do our best to keep the interest alive and to spread the excitement and fun of off-road to the younger demographics.”
  9. dcg141

    2017 RMX 450Z horsepower

    Its going to get more and more difficult to modify bikes from EPA or green sticker to closed course. Not that you won't be able to but there a lot of pressure on the manufacturers to make it hard to do. Anything you do to the bike makes it non compliant, for example pulling a throttle stop. If you do that and live in a state where they check such things then good luck. Thankfully most of the states are not there yet. Also you will receive zero support from the mfgs with converting bikes. That also is not a big deal for most but don't be surprised when a dealer tells you, your on your own with tuning.
  10. dcg141

    2018 EFI!

    I don't care what you buy. But this is a thread about the KTM 2 stroke FI. Obviously your not on board. No need to come in and tell all of us what we already know about carbs. I wouldn't own a bike wo FI anymore, I hate dealing with carbs. You on the other hand love them. I'm sure there is a jetting thread somewhere just dying for you to come in and impart your vast knowledge of all things carburetor.
  11. dcg141

    2018 EFI!

    KTM develops new product. Its what they do. Either you want that or you don't. If you don't there are other companies making older product. They have shown there is a sizable number of customers that want new and cutting edge. If you are waiting for them to hold on to older designs then they are not for you.
  12. dcg141

    My new tow vehicle

    6000 lbs My rig is way less than that.
  13. dcg141

    My new tow vehicle

    I'll take my chances...I like living on the edge.
  14. dcg141

    My new tow vehicle

    Its HPDE, High Density Polyethylene. You can buy it in sheets.
  15. dcg141

    My new tow vehicle

    That's what i use to tow my trailer now. 06 X5