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  1. rm125ridwe

    09 yz450 for $3100?

    where is the ad? curious what it looks like .
  2. i bouihgt a used yz450f a while back and havent really rode it only a hour on the meter. it had about 25 on it when i bought it. . any way i check the valve clearances yesterday and im a bit pissed of now. the bike is only supost to have a hand full of hours on it and it was overall clean other then plastics, event he linkage bearings where packed with grease. anyway here is the valve clearances. 0 0 .23 .18 0 0 0 zero .10 .30 195 181 160 shim pad size i have no clue why the orginal owner put these shim pads in but do i have anything to worry about with the excessively large gap (.30mm) in the right valve. the only thing that should change is how late the valve opens right? i doubt i have to worry about piston contact since .15mm isnt that big of a gap but i could be wrong. im just going to order a 175-185 shims and that should get me in the ball park. didnt have a chance to see what the shims where in the exhaust side yet. just venting a bit pissed off that some one is that incompten to set the valve clearance that far off. funny part is i bought the bike from a little racing bike shop that sponsers a few of the local series. and not to mention that the valve caps had to be over torqued i could harley brake the bolts lose with a twrench.
  3. rm125ridwe

    help!!! 2009 kx450f wont start

    does any one have any idea's
  4. rm125ridwe

    help!!! 2009 kx450f wont start

    have a 09 kx450f that wont start. it just cut out and died while riding. the motor is not locked up and it has compression. where should i start looking. thanks
  5. not mine but i found it while looking on ebay maybe it will help some one out http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=360183854627&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT
  6. rm125ridwe

    What's a fair price?

    you will get better deals at the end of the months. my rule of thumb is i walk for more then 5,000 otd price. i would say go for the 08 instead they will give you a deal you just have to wait for it. buy it like a car shop around find a good deal then try and call a closer dealer and see if they will match the price.
  7. rm125ridwe

    Pics of ported and polished head..?

    i agree with you evs but it just a picture i think it would be nearly impossible to duplicate there work from a low res. picture of the internet
  8. rm125ridwe

    James Stewarts Bike

    wow that is one beat bike i would never by it
  9. rm125ridwe

    Looking for some WV/MD riders

    try and get in touch with these people and join the club they have a property in romney,wv which shouldn't be to far from you http://www.mdcompriders.org/
  10. rm125ridwe

    Looking for some WV/MD riders

    well you can never be to carefully on the internet these days:thumbsup:
  11. rm125ridwe

    Best 250 2-Stroke Trail Bike?

    and if your really set on a 250 i got a beautifully 2007 yz250 for sale $3500 but it is mint i didnt ride it to much it scared me way to many times. every think if good on it. plus it is set up for the woods!!! if you interested pm me
  12. rm125ridwe

    Best 250 2-Stroke Trail Bike?

    if you are indeed 14 i would stay away from a jap 250 two stroke . im 19 and it way to much power. if i got another 250 for woods i would be looking at them in this order a gas gas, husky or even a ugly pumpkin . and im all about blue bikes. now if its mx a yz is a very very strong motor just to much in the woods in my opinion and i think im a decent rider . also why do you say 125 suck in the woods? they are one of the best you can ride it very aggressive with out getting it to much trouble.
  13. rm125ridwe

    2008 yz250f

    and if it doesnt you can always pick up a big bore and add a good deal of power
  14. rm125ridwe

    new twinwalls. maby not good

    cool thanks, i guess you do learn something new everyday. im glad your having good luck with the cycra's i have like 4 sets in my garage in a scrap pile cause the twist easily for me but i guess it the different areas we ride alot of tight trees back east and your more then likely out in the desert or something
  15. rm125ridwe

    Tommy Searle (KTM) scrub...WOWWWW

    i would love a larger like at least 1680*1050 size picture for my desktop background that picture is amazing . were did you find the picture?