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  1. Olle

    BR Oct 2

    Smudge, How was the Hare Scrambles today? Did you stay on 2 wheels and elbow your way to the front? Summer temps for Monday, are you up for some fun at BR on Oct 2? Anybody else?......Olle.
  2. Olle

    My new ride.

    Svenny will definitely wet himself!! You done good Smudge.....Olle.
  3. Olle

    Svenny's Plastic

    No luck for me opening the pics that you posted about the Goat boys. Im sure its good and well deserved! Svenny had plans last night with the wife, but after a 12pack of Coronas he left my house and made her log onto Thumpertalk for him. I think he may still be on the site. He better hurry up and post something, cause in 2 weeks he wont be able to use his hands!
  4. Olle

    Svenny's Plastic

    Smudge, I told you it's good to soak it all up when we're out here! NIce pics, but you didn't get the ear to ear grin! Thanks for another great ride!
  5. Olle

    Svenny's Plastic

    Hey Smudge, Are you still in for the 21st at BR to watch Svenny scratch up his "pretty" new bike? Stay Cool.....Olle
  6. Olle

    Gumby Tongue!!

    Thanks Smudge for wearing the Trail Boss hat on 6/23 at BR, that was a good, solid day of riding and a ton of fun. Even after that tree jumped out at me and I was pinned under the bike wondering if all was ok, All I hear coming from Smudge is "Yep, he's gonna have poison ivy"! Thanks, Olle.
  7. Considering your 125 'slide show', maybe you should let Svenny have a go, charge a fee for all to see and get your money back on the bike. It will work Smudge!!
  8. Smudge is battle tested, I know! He chews the glass to wash down the suds!! Im sure he feels nothing pulling gravel from his monkeybutt!! R.I.P Wheelie King. Began his road to fame at Red Bud many years ago and it came to an end in an ultra light crash a few years ago.
  9. Olle

    Br ???

    Mr Bungle, Ive ridden with Smudge a few times at BR along with Svenny. Do you know Svenny on the GAS GAS? Anyways Im off to BR on Mon Nov 14th. I just sold my '89 KDX 200 and I need to get out on my 2000 KTM 300 EXC one more time this year before the weather turns to crap as you mention. Maybe see you out there. Olle.