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  1. MrStinky

    Nuts and bolts

    Fastenal might have it, but they only usually sell in larger quantities. What about Tractor Supply?...They usually have a ton of stuff. If you need the greatest site on earth to get anything you need www.mcmastercarr.com. Good luck.
  2. MrStinky

    Flattrack xr/crf 100s in SEMDTRA

    Yea you should. Spoon on a set a tires and you're good to go. After watching the video its looks pretty easy, but man, let me tell you its way harder than it looks. I went in saying how hard can it be? Coming from road racing, i personally think its a huge challenge to go fast. I have a lot to learn, and unlearn, from riding on pavement.
  3. MrStinky

    xr100 mods

    I can't personally speak for the engine mods, but there's no replacement for displacement. I think you'd be happy with the extra ponies, and if its within your budget i say go for the big bore. As for the forks, you can drop in some stiffer springs, or on the cheap add a little 30 wt oil in each, test, repeat until your happy, and that will help tremendously.
  4. MrStinky

    Flattrack xr/crf 100s in SEMDTRA

    Great footage Gerry! That's me in the blue shirt you past on the last lap Way to work up the pack. You know that was a money race, right? Ha ha, I guess i won $15, so you might have got 20-25 for second? I won't be making it to Neeses, but will try and hit as many as the other rounds and go up to Coleridge as family time permits. Thanks for the invite! Dirt track is just a ton of fun, and a whole new challenge. I need to work on my body position and relaxing a bit. I wish there was a track nearby, you guys are probably 4hrs from Charlotte. Robert came over and helped me with the carb. What a guy. I thought the float needle was stuck, so we pulled the bowl and everything was actuating properly, but there was some junk in the cavity where the valve seats causing fuel to overflow. duh! I'm still working on jetting since putting the pipe and filter on it. It was running really rich and sputtering off idle, and getting on the gas. I tried a ton of different combination....leaving me scratching my head. After looking at it closely, the needle jet was bent, musta got tweeked putting it back together at the track, that's when it started acting up mysteriously. Don't work on carbs with adrenaline running in the blood stream I straightened it out the best i could and moved the clip up since the plug was black. Soaked the carb overnight, put the larger 38 pilot in and runs pretty good down low now, the stumble off idle is gone. There's a bit of sputtering up top on the main so i ordered a 100 and 102 jets and a new needle and clip to be safe. Once i get the bike running right, i can get that out of my head and work on riding the damn thing....Almost there! Oh and if anyone has a set of xr100 forks for sale, straight, no dings, 2000+ would be nice, let me know, mine are pretty bent.
  5. MrStinky

    Flattrack xr/crf 100s in SEMDTRA

    There are definitely some fast guys out there. Dirt track is whole 'nother world compared to road racing, which is my background. BTW, i use to live in VA and have ridden SP many times. The Shenandoah course would be amazing on a supermoto for sure, it was hella fun on an SV. I got good riding tips from some other guys, but with only 30 laps under my belt i've got a lot to learn. I run the stock bike in both classes just to get seat time and have fun...but i see how this, just like any racing, gets pretty competetive - hence the upcoming mods I'll be on bike 97, stop by and say hello. I should be with some other Charlotte and Apex guys. -Tim
  6. MrStinky

    Flattrack xr/crf 100s in SEMDTRA

    Thanks Bob, that's some good advice...2nd gear start is necessary, at least for me. I did try 1st for giggles, but almost ended up on my head and blew that race on the start. I'll be sticking to 2nd gear launches from now on I didn't think about using the smaller xr80 chain and sprockets. I had already ordered the 428 size so i'll be using them. I got a fmf pipe, uni filter, and jettting on the way. I'll be racing it again this weekend. What are you using to tie the frame together? Is this the BBR frame brace i've read about? I know a welder and could probably get him to fabricate something.
  7. MrStinky

    Flattrack xr/crf 100s in SEMDTRA

    You're absoulutely right, but its all about having fun too... After taking a look around, most of the bikes are moded in one way or another. The front runners are fast, but so are their bikes. Lot had pipes and shocks, and who know what else for engine work. Once i get proper gearing on it for 1/5 mile it will make a huge difference. I didn't really get into the powerband until the end of the small straight and then it was time to turn in again.
  8. MrStinky

    Flattrack xr/crf 100s in SEMDTRA

    You basically swap the left and right forks and them the axle runs behind the forks instead of in front of them. It decreases trail and shortens the wheel base so the bike turns in faster. Someone correct me if i'm wrong here.
  9. MrStinky

    Flattrack xr/crf 100s in SEMDTRA

    I know suspension would make a huge difference, but rules do not allow an aftermarket shock (at least where i'll be racing most of the time). Its really a Bone Stock class. The mad dog stock class does allow for some mods, but that's not in the budget right now anyway. I just want to do what i can on the cheap and focus on riding the pants of the thing and get fast i can.
  10. Anyone in here racing their 100 in the SEMDTRA mad dog series this? I plan on doing as many events as i can this year in the stock class, and will head up to Coleridge Speedway in Asheboro, NC on the other weekends as time permits. Anyone got tips on set up? The bikes pretty much have to be stock to run at the Coleridge events. I've got the spec tires, forks turned around, more oil in the forks to keep them from bottoming out, will order some gearing, but that's it. Any other tricks? Oh, and what pressure do you guys run the tires? i'm sure that depends on track conditions, but what's a good baseline? -Tim
  11. MrStinky

    KDX200 vs. KDX220r Which to buy?

    Here's a good comparison, also a bunch of good info on there http://justkdx.dirtrider.net/200vs220.html