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  1. canadian_thumper

    Need Help - Fuel Overflow

    It is leaking out of the hose on the side.
  2. canadian_thumper

    Need Help - Fuel Overflow

    Thanks for the responses. Took carb apart and it does not appear that float is sticking. Tapped side of carb to see if that would help...still leaking out of the overflow line. Still confused, still leaking, Tim
  3. canadian_thumper

    Need Help - Fuel Overflow

    I recently purchased a new 04 - TTR125L. Upon bringing it home I found that fuel runs out of the overflow line continuously. Even with the fuel shut off valve in the closed position, fuel was still running out. I took apart the shut off valve and found the rubber gasket was damaged. I will replace this once I can get to an open Yamaha dealer. I took apart the carb suspecting some dirt between the needle and seat. All was clean. I reassembled and fuel is still flowing when running and shut down. What should I look for next? I can not have fuel leaking onto the garage floor every night. If I can not get it sorted out, it will be going back to the dealer for some work. Any advice would be appreciated. Discouraged new owner Tim