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    i have bought 2 panterra quad's from pep boy's and now i'm on my 4th.2 of them the wheel's came off and i was almost killed.the other one oil was comming out of the motor and the 4th one now they will not it take back.the wheel hub and bearing's went and i hit a tree good thing i was not on it when it hit.right when the wheel braring and hub went the quad went to the right and i thrown off.i have an rga number to take it back and pep boy's is now not going to take it back and panterra who gave me the rga number is telling me they are not going to help me out at all.they will not even give me the part's to fix it.so now i'm out of almost $1700.00.if you ask me pep boy's and panterra suck and i will never get another thing from pep boy's or panterra again.you suck pep boy's and panterra this is not over.and i will do all i can to stop people from geting thing's from penterra and pep boy's