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  1. kendunn

    Fork seal clips

    Getting ready to put new fork seals in the Pig, and don't really care much for the stock retaining clips, they scare me a little. Was thinking about a snap ring or something like the clip on my WP on my Gasgas. Anyone used something else and can save me a back and forth? Looks like about anything the right diameter should work or am I missing something?
  2. kendunn

    bike dying after running for 30 minutes

    What do you think the hose is for on top of the tank cap? Believe me, if it doesn't vent it won't run. I was riding down a connector road one day and the bike seemed to run out of gas. Check to make sure the gas was on, opened the cap and heard this loud sucking sound. Fired right back up and a few minutes later did the same thing. Had a plugged vent hose.
  3. kendunn

    Redneck in SUV on track, need help?

    I don't understand, the owners seem to be your friends, they fix it up, they allow you to ride, have them call the cops, problem solved. If they don't want to get involved give them a dollar for a weeks lease every week and next time the Bronco shows up, whip out your lease in one hand and a cell phone in the other calling the cops.
  4. kendunn

    bike dying after running for 30 minutes

    I know this sounds crazy, but I had a bike do that once and it was the vent stopped up on the fuel tank. What happens is as the fuel leaves the tank air needs to come in to keep it from getting air locked and creating a vacuum holding the gas from the carb. At least thats how it works in the Northern Hemisphere, you guys down south have toilets that swirl the wrong way, winter when its summer, etc. It takes about 2 seconds to check, just open the cap when it dies and see if it starts back.
  5. kendunn

    Will fuel prices affect you racing plans?

    We have to get off this foreign oil or we will be fighting this battle every couple of years. They can already run our cars and trucks from CNG and LP, why isn't this being fast tracked? There is lots of NG in the US that could hold us over until we get algae farts cooking. Lucky for me my favorite trail starts at the end of my driveway or I would be screwed. Gas-$7 per gallon, being able to see your 20 mile single track loop from your garage, priceless.
  6. kendunn

    Motocross related tattoo ideas?

    Tec 9? Is that the new model Alpinestars that fit between my Tech 8's and the Tech 10's
  7. kendunn

    Motocross related tattoo ideas?

    I am not a tatt kinda guy, but I have always thought an armband with knobbie tracks would be cool as hel.
  8. As a wise man once said of these tires, "Sweet little squares of Bubblicious". I have tried switching back to knobbies when the trails turned to swamps, but I still missed my trails tire and went back and just dealt with the mud.
  9. I guess the MT43 is falling on deaf ears....too bad, you don't know what you're missing When people finally break over and try them they are blown away and in disbelief. I had one on my bike when I shot this http://vimeo.com/19646029 And keep in mind, this is a DOT tire....
  10. Put a Pirelli mt43 and you may even like it so much you will put it on your dirt bike, I know I did, especially if its roots and rocks.
  11. kendunn

    Do-It-All reliable dual-sport

    If you can get a plated XR650R it is the same weight as the 400 (both XR and DRZ)with a ton more power and just as reliable....almost. There is just something sweet about the power delivery of the big pig that no other bike can seem to match. Sure the KTM's are lighter, but not as reliable and cost a lot more.
  12. kendunn

    Why do you ride?

    I dunno, I live in the sticks, we shoot our SKS, grow our mullets and ride our bikes. Seriously, there are a lot of reasons. Its a rush for one, but I just love anything to get me outdoors, hiking, mtn biking, canoeing, and of course, motorcycles. One of the things that got me into riding seriously again was the fact that I live in an area where there are lots of opportunities to ride. I can leave my house and ride my 20 mile single track loop on my Gasgas, or I can head out on my XR650R and ride hundreds of miles of old dirt roads, or I can head out on my Tiger and ride some super remote twisty roads or take a weekend and head to the Smokies.
  13. kendunn

    Gasgas EC clutch replacment options

    What I ended up doing was using the 92 CR plates, both metal, fiber, and springs from a Tusk kit and adding a 3mm spacer at the end of the clutch rod to make up the difference in thickness of the plates. So far it is working like a charm!
  14. kendunn

    Gasgas EC clutch replacment options

    I started that post there, too. GGrider was down when I posted this... Still not sure which spacer I need for sure.
  15. kendunn

    Gasgas EC clutch replacment options

    I have no interest in a Rekluse and because stock is $240 and EBC for a Honda is like $50