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  1. tacoma426

    Honda CRF 250 vs Kawasaki KXF 250

    Take a look at the orange thumpers. I have 80 hours on my 250xcf with a 50/50 mix of trail and mx. No problems to date.
  2. tacoma426

    200 2t vs 250 4t

    I own a 04 200sx set up for woods and a 08 250 xcf with mods.....the 200 wins every time hands down
  3. tacoma426

    2008 250 XCF Thoughts

    You will love the 250. I ride moto and woods With my xcf. I had factory connections do my suspension. Jet kit and a akrapovic exhaust. Plenty of power for me. It's also fun to out run the guys at the moto track with a bike with bark busters
  4. tacoma426


    Have you considered sending ur suspension to factory connections........idk what they have to offer for the 350 but they done the suspension on my 250 xcf and it is flat out amazing
  5. tacoma426

    What's the best brand of premix to run?

    Dude run amsoil dominator and mix 50:1.......I have tried almost every premix on the market. Amsoil burns super clean and it lubricates very well.......buy a bottle and give it a try
  6. tacoma426

    Ktm 144?

    Oh sorry sir I was thinking it was having prob at 3/4 throttle.....
  7. tacoma426

    Ktm 144?

    My 200sx had the same issue. Try raising the clip one and I also changed to amsoil. Prob fixed
  8. tacoma426

    Subframe weld tear

    If ur talking ab a small hair line crack were the sub frame bolts to the frame above the shock its normal. Every ktm I've owned has done this. Don't worry ab it and keep riding.
  9. Go with the xcf.....I ride a 08 250 xcf and I have no problem out running full on motobikes. It revs to the moon but I can still ride the tightest single track. The xcf models really are a do it all bike.
  10. tacoma426

    KTM 200 for first bike?

    The 200 is like cheating.....it weighs a little more than a 125 but has a hell of alot more power.....my 04 200sx will smoke my 08 250 xcf all day long from bottom to topend........and I think its ab 20lbs lighter
  11. tacoma426

    Silver rims:(!!!!!!

    Are the silver rims excels? I feel like the black excels on my 08 show scratches and dings worse than silver
  12. tacoma426

    1 ring or 2?

    i have the same question ab a 04 200sx:bonk:
  13. tacoma426

    Downhill mountain biking and MX training

    love 2 ride downhill and freeride.....i just put a boxxer on my lucky 7:thumbsup:
  14. tacoma426

    02 426 not starting

    try a plug and fresh gas first