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  1. its a Zero S supermoto. and Santan, the girl was probably like 19, she was on her way to school.
  2. its perfect, like always.
  3. i have no idea how we did it, but we pulled it out.
  4. im married, but the other guy definately blew it. i was teasing him all day about that. haha.
  5. she pulled over and was baking up to turn around and go home to grab her school books and she must not have seen what was behind her. what are the chances, the only time I've recorded my ride to work, the only time I've seen a friend on the way to work.
  6. this chick is lucky we stopped
  7. this chick is lucky we stopped
  8. holy rev limiter batman
  9. awesome, thanks for the knowledge.
  10. so is it fine to ride with it unplugged? am i just using a less aggressive map? is there a chance that changing the needle will help with the problem or is it on the map to sputter right there?
  11. i unplugged the tps and it is much more steady. it also no longer has a hard hitting mid though. what does unplugging the tps do to the carb, does it affect spark advance? i only got to ride it up and down my driveway because there was a cop sleeping in his car at the end of my driveway for some reason. actually it was more like trying to sleep thanks to me.
  12. my 2005 did it too but barely. this is pretty annoying and i know it can go away with a little effort. i guess tomorrow i pull my needle and try some other ones.
  13. the bike is a 2007 yz250f with a bunch of work done to it. 290cc bore kit with +3 stroker crank ported and polished head with stock cams. its almost perfect it starts great cold and hot, it idles perfectly, great throttle response, great top end, but it stumbles and misses if you hold the throttle open from between 1/8 and 1/2 open at a steady setting. when im just cruzing down a fire road or thru the parking lot is when it does it. if i am at the throttle setting that it misses at and i open the throttle all the way it pulls hard and works great with no stumbles. it is only when my throttle setting is constant. i forget what needle is in the bike but its is on the 5th notch from the top. i started on the 3rd and it got better when i moved to the 4th and it barely changed when i moved to the 5th. so here is my question (finally) is there a wide variety of needles to choose from, and how to i know where to start?
  14. so ive got it pretty good now (as far as i can tell from riding it up and down my flat street) it pulls great up top and in the mid, but it still has a tiny stumble between 1/8 and 1/4 throttle when slowly accelerating or just cruising at that setting. its fine when i twist the throttle more and pass over that rpm. after a few hours of changing one size of one circuit at a time, this is where im at. the main is now a 180 the pilot is 42 the needle is on the 3rd clip fuel screw is 2turns out (when i turn it in it idles rough at about 3/4 turns out)
  15. ill try the richening the pilot and ill move the needle after that.