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  1. mx4brendan

    08 CRF250R Backfiring and wont start

    I had the same problem with my '08 and even though I checked it several times my visual perception of punch marks lined up did not match Honda's. You really have to take a good look before you take it apart to see what "lined up" should be when you put it together.
  2. mx4brendan

    what 2 stroke oil do you run?

    Suzuki CCI 32:1
  3. mx4brendan

    Neck Brace Question

    I have a Leatt Club with an HRP protector and they work good together. The protector unhinges on the front to make it easy to put on after your neck brace is on.
  4. mx4brendan

    Private track photos, NJ

    Nice air Stan!
  5. mx4brendan

    08 crf 450R air filter

    Has anyone else noticed that the air filter cage on the 08 CRF450R doesn't come into contact with the sealing ring of the air box? I noticed it when the bike was new and took the filter off the cage to check the fit. It's about a 1/8 to 1/4 gap that I'm sure the foam will prevent dirt from entering but it just didn't seem right. I bought another stock air filter cage and it fits the same. I am going to try the twin air kit with the aluminum cage to see if it fits better.