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  1. My son was riding his cr50 when he was three. No need to shift out of first. I see your knowledge is limited. Oh without training wheels.
  2. You obviously do not know bikes. You should educate yourself a bit. I've seen it first hand more than once that a pw is a dangerous bike for a kid with no knowledge of riding. Many kids are just thrown in these machines by idiot parents who don't know any better to just take off because its just a 50. The thing is the pws have no engine breaking so the kids pin it and let off the bike keeps going because not all kids master the breaks in the first few minutes. For the majority yes there fine but there not the safest 50 to start a kid in. You tool.
  3. Stay away from the pw and get a ttr or crf. The pws are a dangerous bike. I have seen 3 kids wreck pretty hard in them for the simple fact they have no engine breaking and will pick speed up going down hills even if the kids giving them no throttle. There OK after a kid is accustomed to using breaks and such but the other two are much safer to learn on.
  4. you like most unintelligent people make assumptions with out knowing the facts. I have been trying different ktms for years sometimes for 5 min. Sometimes for up to 3 days not a fan. And read the article from the beggining before you post you may have missed some valuable info. Another mistake made by unintelligent people picking and choosing the pieces of the convo. You want to comprehend instead of looking st the whole piece.
  5. sorry you can't comprehend the conversation maybe go over to nick toons or something maybe you can keep up.
  6. I've seen one or 2 my first bike was a 82 kdx175. My first brand new bike was a 2000 kx125 then a 02 kx250,04 kx250,05 crf450,03yz250,08kx450,09crf450 worst bike I've ever ridden by the way even over KTM , and my current 13 kx450. You sir I apologize too you seem like you have some logic and experience.
  7. sheep
  8. nope I think you need a couple different models definitely. A enduro/woods bike and a MX bike. Other than that its overkill.
  9. your one of the sheep. You're the one that needs an education. Yes there are many more changes but because your blinded by your love for them you can't see the big picture.
  10. no, but by putting another letter at the end of the name the sheep go oooh and ahhh and praise them for there greatness when the same bike they had would have done the same thing you just gotta do it. So when someone awhile back said something about the other brands not changing anything just graphics, the point was you don't need a brand new model or rebuild of a current bike sometimes less is more.
  11. no I don't ride street. But thanks for trying to pit words in my mouth. I'm not a fan of any street bike.
  12. I'm good on the Harley but thanks. Not a fan.
  13. no its not. Roczens move had nothing to do with a paycheck check your facts before you speak of them. I applaud KTM for changing stuff up and putting money into the sport its the matter of how they pos got that money. As far as bike changes go I see no need to make 8 different models of bike to do one thing. People will think there great for it though and the sheep will follow.
  14. they should have the most people in the top five just by averages. Its not the bike its the rider. KTM exploited the fact that most people have a problem with change and stuck with the 2 stroke and made a killing. Now they do put a ton of money into support and buying up riders because they have the money and its there main income maker. The other 4 have other ways of making money dirt bikes are there side business. I don't like any team that buys up anothers race proven team but morals aren't something that run high in society anymore least of all at KTM.
  15. he also got 2nd place to Andrew short on a 350 in the 450 class I believe in Seattle but not sure on the place.