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  1. Yamaha

    Yes, this would be me! Wow, been on here for a year and never noticed this forum. So glad the hubby found it. I have an '05 Wolverine named Skippy, and finaaly got it out in the dirt at Durhamtown Plantation in GA. We had a blast. This is my first quad, and I did a lot of research on all makes and models before I decided on this one. It is a black one, and only mods so far are the warn 424 and a skid plate. Also got it a purse:lol: (hard cargo box). I have to say, I am VERY pleased with it's performance. Didn't top it out or treat it to hard since it was first time out and wanna get to know it better before I go crazy. Have to say, it stood up to anything my hubby led me through-and Lord there was a few times my cheeks clenched! If anyone's ever up for a group trip to Durhamtown, I am in. Nice to meet you all, and hope to chat again soon. Hayley
  2. Hey Mr. Smooth- could you please tell Dennis this little trick- I can live with that proposition!!! I also forgot to mention- the whole weekend I keep thinking to myself that you would make a great trials rider- and guess what- I was right! I am very impressed- You really do live up to yer name! I should also mentioned how impressed I am with Chris's riding! I have never really gotten to see him in action except for the pee wee track- That little guy can ride! He NEVER fell, even through all the rocks, hills, ruts, and the off camber stuff didn't even phase him! I can now say that his nickname of "Mad Dog" fits- that boy can ride, and I have no issues with buying him a bigger bike now for Christmas!! Santa's comin to this house this year that's for sure! Hayley
  3. Just a female perspective here of the weekend! Let me start off by saying," Dang I looked cute in my gear!" With that said, I really had a lot of fun! Except for the few mishaps- 1) Catching so much air I landed face first on my handle bars- thank God for death gripping or I think I would have tumbled buns over helmet in front of old Skippy- my quad! 2) That off-camber stuff that left me using more curse words than I would like to own up to and all the names I called poor Dennis while trying to get through it! By the way, what's with the ducking under the fallen tree ?! and finally, 3) Poor skippy's purse losing a U-bolt (cargo box) and slamming me in the back after a very nice jump-ooouuuccchhh!!! 4) my pretty white Bubba Stewart boots are now orange, and Skippy got all dirty! Very nice to see all of you again, and to meet the others for the first time. Hopefully not the last! Mr. Smooth- you definitely deserved the "Hottest Hottie" award, and YES, I voted for you! Trip was sure memorable, but I sure did miss Charity, my ridin buddy ! I am not going to let them miss the next one! Sorry if the "token female with an extra axle" put a downer on anyone's trip-I had a great time with my family and TT friends, and I look forward to doing it all again real soon! (except the buns over helmet thing- I think I will omit that part!) Hugs to all-it was a good time to be had by all- Hayley PS- Hey Ryan, I think you can take Mr. Smooth on that MX track-that's why he punked out!!
  4. UMMMMMMM, lemme see here for a sec.....this benefits me, how?! Trying to fit with Den in a twin bed and being far away from everything again.....for the same money. No, I believe I will hang with the rednecks, but thanks! J/K with ya Hottie Boy, ( I don't like Candy Boy) as long as yer friends don't mind the kid around-it's not like he's 4 years old- he's 12- hell, we got him drunk in Cozumel for Pete's sake. I think we will stick with what we got. Any cursing or carrying on that might occur, will seem like a Sunday night at home, so no big deal. As it is, he's in so much trouble with school he might not go. Besides, I'm hopin to catch a glimpse of you in yer undies on the way to the bathroom. Dennis confided to me that he hopes he does, too!
  5. I believe the whole "eye candy" thing...Sweetie!!
  6. And JUST what exactly is that supposed to mean, Mr. Brett?! I think I have been insulted! J/K
  7. LMAOOOOOOO Yes, the guy I talked to was Chris. Oh my God, so much for walking around naked-can't let someone I actually know see me! Guess we gonna be roomies!
  8. Looky what I found- I actually remembered my login!! Dennis, A Hottie I think I am the only one who might think that! Just talked with who we are rooming with up at Kenny's Bunk House- Good group of country boys from KY. Seems very nice, and they are up for fun, so I think this will work out well. Gettin excited!
  9. OK TT'ers....WreTICKET & my clan have been discussing going to DP in Oct. when it is cooler. Dates we decided on are 13-16. Arrive Thurs. the 13th, ride Fri. & Sat., and go home on Sun. the 16th. Any takers? The old man and I are going back and forth on the issue cuz we wanna do the outing on the 1 & 2, but we also wanna do DP. Don't know if we can do both. Thought maybe doin DP in Nov. if no one up for Oct. How about some feedback and suggestions.
  10. OK, now I am in love. That is an awesome helmet. My helmet now is an HJC that was $140 so not much difference in price. Thanks again! By the way, went on search engine and found this helmet at http://dirt-bikes.ridegear.com/cgi-bin/SoftCart.exe/shop/Dirt_Helmets/F-20775_Womens_Starlet_Helmets.html?E+scstore. They have it for $97.45. Gotta love deals!!!!
  11. Hi babes on bikes! I am a newbie to TT and noticed this here chick chat forum, and got so excited! Question....The MSR you refer to....is it pink?! I am outfitting myself in pink gear that is from MSR (love it!! it fits great!!) and I have purple fox stuff, but I REALLY WANT a pink helmet to go with my pink goggles. Saw the AFX one, but my hubby thinks it may not be as safe as what I have now. Would love an MSR one to match. I applaud you two-wheelin' hotties, cuz this chick just can't do it!! I go on all fours!!! Hayley
  12. Here are the long awaited pics!!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v503/dendvc/Wolverine009.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v503/dendvc/Wolverine008.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v503/dendvc/Wolverine002.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v503/dendvc/Wolverine003.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v503/dendvc/Wolverine004.jpg
  13. Mud is your friend...be one with the muck!!! LOL J/K...Not sure I'm ready to get 'er dirty yet! Still way too pretty ( not been ridden except up and down my street! )
  14. I believe so...get yer mind out the gutter. He got bored with the other toy about 7 years ago!!!
  15. I BOUGHT IT!!! But he wants to ride my mean PINK machine!! Oh, and borrow my pink gear so he won't clash! Hayley