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    Flat seat, Curved Seat???

    haha well, what I'm asking is that is there any reason for the difference in stock seat shape? that some more high-end bikes look like: http://pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/crop/200905/ktm-250-300-xc-4_460x0w.jpg and some bikes have a "dip" look like: http://www.dirtrider.net/gallery/files/7/6/0/6/2/1998KDX220-20.JPG
  2. Hello Everyone, Since I started riding I've always wondered why MX bikes are made with an aggressive "flat seat", sleek look and trial bikes almost always have a dipping, curved seat. Just wondering if there was a performance reason or if manufactuers simply make MX bikes to look "sleeker". I can imagine a flat seat would be easier to move around on and slide up onto the tank. Thanks for helping my inquiring mind!
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm 21, been riding summers with my dad for a few years. We've been taking it relatively slow, and I'm looking to branch off with new riding buddies. I'm in the Markham/Scarborough area. I'm on a crf230 so I'm not going to be fast, but that's what I want to work on. Anyway, if you or your group is down for a Friday evening or weekend day ride send a PM and well exchange numbers. Looking forward to meeting you. Cheers! Michael
  4. Alright! I got a crf230 and it's PERFECT! So far I really love the low center of gravity and everything... going to uncork it soon =)
  5. Hey Guys! Thanks everyone for the help. I brought it in to a shop to repalce the shift cam and plate and do an oil change. When they opened it up to inspect the cam and plate, the honda guy said it was spotless and was actually impressed. So he just did a full-out oil change. Now it shifts fine into first about 70% of the time, which is a lot LOT better!
  6. Thanks for the help guys. So the 2 parts I should have a look at are... the "shift drum" and the "shift plate"? http://www.bikebandit.com/houseofmotorcycles/honda-motorcycle-crf230f-2007-gearshift-drum/o/m15659sch423402 #5 and #10 in the above schematic???? I have a strong fear that the only way to access this on a crf230 is to split the bike to remove the transmission.
  7. That seems to help when stopped, but I can't find first when I'm going up a hill and I need it. A little annoying in the tight stuff =p I read this post in the archives, the guy found a loose bolt stuck in his transmission... how can I check inside to see if a bolt has come loose? http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-307368.html "Last season the bolt that attaches the shift actuator mechanism to the shift drum backed out and fell into the bottom of the tranny rendering the bike unshiftable. Luckily the bolt didn't get caught up in any gears and I was able to fish it out with a magnet-on-a-stick tool (no case splitting required, thank God). I suspect this was just a freak occurance as I've never heard of it happening to anyone else. Perhaps I just got a "Monday morning motor.""
  8. thanks for the heads up. Parts don't sound too bad... it's the labor i'm worried about! How should I go about the job? I'm not a pro mechanic in anyone's book. Honda dealer who said it was the shift fork quoted over 1G for labour alone....
  9. Hey everyone! Just bought a used crf230, all looked mint when I test-drove it... but problems come up with used stuff. When riding, going from 2nd to first, I mostly get stuck in neutral. Happens less when the clutch is feathered, it kinda pushes it into 1st I guess. Now when I'm in neutral, I can click the shifter down into 1st, but it takes a few tries! It just doesn't want to go into 1st gear, all the other gears are perfect. Called a honda dealer, they said maybe it was the shifter fork = BIG REPAIR = I got screwed. What do you guys think? Oh, and it goes from Neutral to 2nd no problem, just not into 1st ...doh!
  10. Thanks for suggestions so far, some issues come up: I'm still learning, i've ridden for 3 summers and I still suck... i think it's the people i ride with (dad goes slow). Maybe... I'm not good yet, therefore, 125s honesty scare me, they're too f'ing tall!!! I've ridden one before, yeah right I'll survive with trees on either side LOL I rode an xr200 way back, it sucked so much compared to the kx100 I have now... but it was the right size. All I care about is a decent bike that's the right size... full size is too big and kx100 is too small. Does this mean crf230 is the only option... would it be any better than the xr200 I used to ride?
  11. Hey All! First bike: xr200; 2nd bike: kx100... crazy jump! Now I feel the kx100 is way too much bike in a such small frame, i can't hang onto it properly since my knees are always way above the tank!. live and learn... So I'm thinking of selling and going back to a 4 stroke, ride mostly trails anyways. I'm looking for low seat height, but i still need to grasp that tank. And not too heavy... a good transition of the feather that is the kx100 hahaha So crf150f vs. crf230f vs. xr200 vs. ttr230.. vs... klx300 or xr 250. Note: dad rides xr250, feels like a friggin cargo ship!!! holy crap... definitely not fun for me... i'm 5'7 AND have short legs. EDIT: I'm talking about the crf150f and 230f. 150r is above my price range. .. I'm going used sub 2800. On the kx I can almost flat-foot on both sides. My knees are above th tank on the kx100 when I sit down... even when I stand =( so that's too small! If the crf150f is the same size then that's also too small.
  12. Hey Guys, I'm in the market for a 250 4 stroke bike and I've noticed a whole bunch more 2000 and 2001 and some '02s (my price point) yamaha 250fs in my local classifieds than any other make! I figured it was either lots of people bought these revolutionary bikes when they came out or.... Is there any serious problems with these years?! My dad rides an '01 XR250, but I really want something with more guts, that's why i'm looking wr250f or yz250f (probrably the yzf since I'm comming off a KX100 screamer). How would the maintenance differ from the xr250 'bulletproof' bike? Thanks for the advice guys!
  13. solidbs

    Riding Trail/Track Near East GTA

    Hey guys, does anyone know any good places to ride besides the Ganaraska forest that are within an hour and a half from Markham, ON (east GTA). I've been wanting to give track racing a try, but it seems like the closest track is in Port Perry, that could be over 2 hrs away. Thanks for the help! Michael
  14. solidbs

    slowing for a turn

    Hey guys I've had hesitations since I started riding 2 years ago about how exactly your supposed to approach a turn? I'm on a kx100 now and my dad rides a xr250 btw in case the approach is different in a 2 stroke vs 4 stroke This is what I'm doing now... pull in the clutch, brake with both brakes (trying not to lock up the rear lol), shifting down 2 clicks just before leaning the bike, then leaning through it and feeding the power with the clutch to stay on the pipe I have a hard time keeping track of which gear I'm in.. so sometimes I end up turning in 1st gear:naughty: which is soooo slow and bad even for a flat turn... how can I work up my cornering speed with a proper technique? Thanks in advance, Mike
  15. Hey my local shop says about 300 bucks for parts and labour setting up the suspension for a 175lb rider. What should I do? Is this better than me (totally useless with tools) trying to figure it out myself?? I think it's a good deal since the springs will cost me 200 bucks alone... right?