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  1. cfokken

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Mine came with other side panel and front plate graphics that you could put your own number on. If you didn't get them contact your dealer cause they came with the bike.
  2. cfokken

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Here's mine, second from left. oh and a few others
  3. cfokken

    RMZ 450 Carb question

    Ok, I didn't know dirtbikes had them like the street bikes. Thanks
  4. cfokken

    RMZ 450 Carb question

    Thanks My book says I have a 35 leak jet so I will check into a 40. Also says I have a 170 main so maybe I'll jump up to a 172 or so. I haven't done anything yet. Thanks for all the help
  5. cfokken

    RMZ 450 Carb question

    Thanks for the help. I will order the fuel screw right away. The sound at full throttle is a pop kind of sound. Like its just running out of fuel. This is at wide open throttle in 4th gear, probably going as fast as the bike will go. the bike comes with a 36 leak jet I believe. I read where the 40 is better, I will also try backing out the fuel screw about 1/8 turn or so. Thanks again
  6. cfokken

    RMZ 450 Carb question

    Guys I have a 07 RMZ 450 with the only mod being a Pro Circuit Ti4 Slip On. When you quickly wick the throttle it bogs, almost like you are going to kill it. Is there any way to fix this? Second, at full speed in 4th coming up to full throttle the bike starts to sputter, kind of like getting to a stutter box on a sportbike. Is it running out of fuel and larger main jet needed? Third, a little bit of pop from the pipe on decel. The bike also did it with the stock pipe, is this a lean pop or what and whats the fix for that. Thanks all for all the help, new to the carb game. The sportbikes all have ECU's Thanks again
  7. cfokken

    2007 rmz 450

    I paid 6300 otd this last weekend in GA, for the RC edition. That includes tax and all. I just can't believe the power... Not to bad
  8. cfokken

    Fastest? CRF450X or WR450 2007

    Just thought I would add this. I would ask which has the best acceleration based on power to weight ratio. If they all go around 80 or so then I would want to be the first guy to 80. Just a thought.