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  1. no cycra 450 '09 plates yet available... (no one @ thumpertalk store, tuck*r rolly or something and parts unl*ted.) ebay : no 450 09, just for the 250 and 450 02-08...
  2. Where can I find the new plate? In de Netherlands, they are not available and I've wait for a few months now.. Can anyone tell me where to order the plate? I've maked stickers for the new cycra, but without the plate... GReetz Nick #186
  3. Pirelli MT 410 back, and the mt32f front for the Dutch Sandtracks:worthy:
  4. varmland =warm land in Dutch:P:ride: Doesn't matters.... Very nice bike Dude, i have to wait for my SS Yoshi, since a month (backorder till 12 february)...
  5. Does the yoshi make much more noice than the stock pipe? Do you know where i can find a DB-Killer for that?
  6. Is this a Stainless steel yoshi, or a TI?
  7. anodised rims? do you have a colournumber or something? OR is this a stockcolour (RED)? Very nice bike Nick Netherlands
  8. Could someone post the 450 09 templates, so I can make many different stickerset-layouts? Thanks! Nick #186 Netherlands
  9. or the back/frontflips...
  10. ride today for the first time with te Pro circuit Ti-4... can't stop wheelying! i love that pipe, nice sound and amazingly powerfull at the low rpm.
  11. no matter what lbs... its a wheelie winning bike... second and third gear.... i love it...
  12. Yoshi!!!
  13. does the 2005 PC GP TI-4 also fit on the 06? and does it work even good? tnxs
  14. hmmzz... somewhere on the internet is a picture.. than you sees that he didn;t do it...
  15. a dummy is a fake silencer... so he had a twin pipe but one silencer is "for the show" or something and didn't work... someone pics?