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  1. cheekz

    breather pipe problem?

    yes i think the oil jet is blocked will replace the intake cam and follower and rings are on the way
  2. cheekz

    breather pipe problem?

    [CODE] [/CODE]
  3. cheekz

    breather pipe problem?

    im going to change rings also spotted this just now seem to be worn quiet a bit?[/img]
  4. iv noticed the last two rides that the breather pipe on my sxf 250 07 is smoking a lot also its gone very hard to start when warm wich didnt used to be a problem any idea why it is smoking? do you think it could be the compression ring? any help would be great thanks
  5. just decided to change the piston on my 2007 due to smoke coming out the breather pipe just wondering what pistons others are useing? think i could get away with just the rings but may as well do it all thanks
  6. iv got a sxf 250 and use it for hare scrambles and use the geomax mx51 tyre just wondering what tyres others use on a 19 wheel?
  7. took it off anyway only way i could do it
  8. the shock is stopping it does it need to be taken off?
  9. cheekz

    2006 SX-F 250 won't start/idle

    after reading the posts i would check your throttle/cable again dont sound like it is set up right?
  10. cheekz

    2006 SX-F 250 won't start/idle

    what is the compression like? and when was the piston and rings changed?
  11. hi at a race today i had problems with the bike it kept cutting out only had half throttle if i reved past half throttle the bike would cut out and would take a good 20 kicks to get it running again the problem happened a couple of times during a 3hr race? im thinking could it be a bit of crap in the carb or do you think its something else compression goes a bit light on the kicks now and then but i cant see that effecting the way it was cutting out any info would be great thanks
  12. hi was just wondering what the stock gearing is on 2008 model looking to get bit more mid out of it for enduro events thanks
  13. has any 1 got 1 to upload for me thanks
  14. cheekz

    how much oil in 426?

    thanks mate
  15. hi iv just changed the oil and fillter on my mates bike and im not sure how much oil it takes? thanks