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  1. creature47

    FCR conversion the "burned way".

    Sudco part 016-925 fcr-mx is backorderd is there anywhere else to get it? Or any other options?
  2. creature47

    FCR conversion the "burned way".

    Mr Burned, I have a 05 400s, 3x3, 'E' header,and gasket, hot cams in and out. I'm about to order the FCR MX from Sudco. I would like your expert advice on what jets and needle I should order. I ride from 500-2500 feet, w/temp 40-85 degrees. THANX. P.S. this site rules.
  3. creature47

    pipe shoot out pt 4,tec insert test.

    Thank you very much, I'm happy with the drz it does exactly what I bought it to do,but you can't plate a 'E' in NY state. You have to build one. Anyone have a 'E' exhaust system for sale?
  4. creature47

    pipe shoot out pt 4,tec insert test.

    Hi everyone, I've lurked here for some time. You're testing and information (Burned) is priceless. I've always found whatever I wanted by searching old posts. I bought my drz S to ride in places I can't ride my other toys. (no legal trails in NY state) Being plated it lets me connect or sneak from trail to trail (mostly woods technical). I have to stay fairly quiet or my trails will close. I have a 05 S 3x3 and jetting done the day after I bought it just to make the bike rideable, but I need throttle response,and some low to mid grunt. I'm going to do the FCR and HC intake, but need a pipe. If these dyno tests are between stock E and tec yosh, the yosh/w tec is still a big improvement over stock S pipe? or should I find a stock E pipe? I don't need top end hp like a SM (I have a sport bike for that) I need some stelth power. and your (burned and others) advice. THANKS.