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  1. the jayman

    Yz450f '09 ICS spring rate?

    Found out from Technical Touch catalogue that both have same 20Nm springs stock.
  2. the jayman

    2015 WR250 bleed stack

    I could not find stock fork stacks for new WR. I'm mostly intrested what kind of bleed stack and BV crossover combination they run stock?
  3. Where can I find stock ICS spring rates? I would like to know if YZ125 share the same ICS spring than '09 YZ450.
  4. the jayman

    Linkage SX 125 fork

    Not able to ride it until in April. Still recovering from knee surgery. Got it last weekend.
  5. the jayman

    Linkage SX 125 fork

    With linkage i just meant that this is linkage frame SX 125. They usually need stiffer setup.
  6. the jayman

    Linkage SX 125 fork

    They are definately .2 shims both against the piston and below the crossover. Sound stiff for me, eager to test it if its jackhammer like expected. Just bought the bike last weekend and serviced the fork havent rode it yet.
  7. the jayman

    sxf mod fork stack

    Yes please, if you dont want to share them on the forum, PM me. I would be also interested shock stacks and are you running euro or us length spec shock (486/490mm). Have you done any testing with these on sand?
  8. the jayman

    Linkage SX 125 fork

    These are from revalved '12 SX 125: BV: 24 x .2 24 x .1 x 6 14 x .1 24 x .2 21 x 1 x 3 20 x .1 19 x .1 18 x .1 17 x .1 16 x .1 15 x .1 14 x .1 18 x .25 Mid stock, rebound stock. This is for MX for fast A -rider. Comments?
  9. the jayman

    sxf mod fork stack

    How would you modify these stacks if used in SX 125? Do you run back plate shims on front fork?
  10. the jayman

    08 yz 125 forks ... trying to duplicate

    I've gone through this in past. Tried to replicate well working 125 fork setup to 250. It just wont work the same, 250 is a pig when compared to 125. The motor just hammers the whole bike in a way that 250 will need stiffer stacks and even then it will never work with same agility than 125.
  11. the jayman

    which stack is stiffer

    This is mostly based on discussion with Russ from DGS suspension and playing with Restackor. When playing with WP's, he has been pointing this out to me and I'm starting to see the light. I think that KTM has been using this feature a lot for bottoming control (both front and rear). It seems that if your bigger shims are really close to backer in faster oil flows (for example WP PDS 28 x .2 to 21 x .3 gap), it will really restrict the HS oil flow a lot. I have also noticed this same impact in front fork testing when altering just the back plate size in BV. And when then increasing the HS taper and keeping everything else the same, it will make the actual stack softer in HS damping to certain point. After getting enough distance it starts to stiffen again. This limit depends fully from stack setup and I have not really simulated these two examples. I'm not sure how much this can be really seen in dyno, since it will need a fast flow.
  12. the jayman

    which stack is stiffer

    Based on the late learnings of mine distance to backplate also has a huge impact to hs damping. Even in shock.
  13. the jayman

    2012 YZ125 shock setup

    Bike has a fast rebound in rear shock stock. Adding damping to rebound stack helps a lot. There has been numerous posts with good rebound stacks here in past.
  14. the jayman

    2009 KTM 250/300 EXC/XCW shock valving

    Pm your email address and i send you the pdf.
  15. the jayman

    Maxxis World Enduro in Finland Sept 2012

    Just let me know if I can help with anyway!