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    Slow riding/when is hot too hot?

    Thanks, Indy. I will give it a try.
  2. bluesguy400

    Slow riding/when is hot too hot?

    Ok. I've spent nearly two days reading posts regarding overheating (boiling) issues. I thought I would ask my questions in this thread, instead of starting another. Since tempatures climbed to the high 90's my bike just fails on the trails. Over the past week it has boiled three times. I know, some of you will tell me to put the piece of metal under the shade and wait for the cooler part of the day. But, yesterday I was riding with a buddy that has the same bike (98 WR400). I boiled and he didn't. Is something failing on my bike? I pulled out the Clymer manual and read the section on the cooling system twice. Should I pull the pump apart? Replace it? Stuff the radiater with ice (just kidding)? I am going to try the Evans product and am very curious about the Boyesen high flow water pump. But, could something be wrong with my bike?