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  1. Anyone know any other methods of contacting Jesse at Williams Motorwerx other than what is listed on their website? I sent my head to him for valve replacement. He called me 2.5 weeks ago to say it was finished, so I paid him. My head hasn't shown up. No tracking number. He doesn't respond to e-mail, and can't leave a voicemail because the mailbox is full.
  2. krust36

    Help me pass emissions...wr400

    The ACV is the octopus. See this thread for a description of the change and a picture of the bike with the ACV removed. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=156224&highlight=octopus
  3. krust36

    Help me pass emissions...wr400

    You are only being tested while your bike is at idle. The three carb settings that control mixture at idle are: Fuel screw, pilot jet, and pilot air jet. The rest of them you shouldn't have to worry about for the purposes of passing emissions. You listed that your jetting is currently stock. Is the bike still stock, or have the free mods been done to it? Does it still have the ACV (octopus)? The free mods - especially removal of the ACV can have a significant effect on the jetting.
  4. krust36

    Help me pass emissions...wr400

    I'm not sure what that thread is all about, but it would appear that they are talking about a non-stock carb. I would ignore it. If you really want to check your slow air jet pull it all the way out. If there is a spring behind it you have the adjustable screw. No spring then it's just a jet and needs to be fully seated to operate properly.
  5. I read all these threads about people saying the decompression lever is a PITA. I love mine. As long as I follow the starting routine the decompression lever makes my 400 the easiest bike I own to start. The same resistance everytime I kick it. No kicks starting halfway through a stroke. It also makes it much easier to clean out if I crash and it floods. Pull in the lever, a few EASY kicks, do the routine and it starts. No other 4-stroke that I have ridden starts as consistently as my 400 with the kick starter. Granted the magic button is nice, but I'd rather not deal with all the extra weight. I wish my new 250F had a decompression lever.
  6. krust36

    Help me pass emissions...wr400

    Are you sure that you have an adjustable slow air screw? It is not a stock part on a WR400. The bike comes stock with a slow air jet which is not adjustable by turning it out/in. You have to swap in a different size jet. There is an aftermarket slow air screw available from Sudco. See the link below for the chart to determine approximate jet size to # of turns out for the air screw if you actually have one. http://www.sudco.com/vol33/114.pdf
  7. krust36

    Help me pass emissions...wr400

    You can buy 99% pure alcohol at the drug store. On an FCR carb it's a fuel screw, not an air screw. So turning the screw out is more fuel which is richer. You need to turn it for less fuel which is leaner. If you can turn it all the way in and the bike still runs then the pilot jet is too big and you need to move down a size.
  8. krust36

    99 WR400 with 01 WR426 Carb (FCR gen2) Help!

    Sorry I didn't read this sooner, but just an FYI for anyone else searching the archives. You can't use the fuel screw from a Gen 1 FCR on a Gen 2 FCR. They are different. Probably why this didn't work.
  9. krust36

    Help me pass emissions...wr400

    Empty the tank to about 1/4 full. Add in a couple bottles of alcohol. Test. You will pass. Drain tank and add regular gas back in. No messing with jetting required. Although if you can turn the fuel screw all the way in and the bike still runs you need to put in a smaller pilot jet.
  10. krust36

    Looking for a sidestand

    MSR makes one. I lost my stock one the very first time I rode my 400. Bike was used, and I was in too much of a hurry to ride it, so I didn't check all the bolts. Finally replaced it about 4 years later for a trip to Baja. Stand works great and fit well. Doesn't use the stock mounting location though. I believe it is the same one they sell for the YZ.
  11. Anyone else have issues putting and IMS 3.1 gal tank on thier 08 YZ250F? I had to trim my seat foam/pan in order to get it bolted on after the tank was installed. Their new front mount doesn't have the adjustability that the stock one does, so when you bolt the tank on it is where it is. On my bike, that is apparently not quite the correct place. One other issue I have had with both my IMS tanks is that they always design them so that the petcock faces toward the engine. WHY??? Is it that much harder to do it correctly? If you want a petcock where the lever doesn't have to face the engine you can order one from a '99 WR400. That part actually worked out quite well because the petcock faced the wrong direction on my WR (with IMS tank) as well. I just swapped the two, and now they both face the correct direction.
  12. krust36

    How low can you go, pilot jet?

    I have run a 42 PJ, but I live at 7,000 ft and the trails I normally ride go above 8,000 ft. I ran it with the JD red needle on the top clip. It was too lean for those conditions, but a 45 PJ with the same needle setting is slightly rich. Once the snow melts and it warms up a bit I might try running the 42 PJ again, but with the blue needle. I believe the blue needle is slightly richer at small throttle positions.
  13. I would also like a copy if possible. Thanks! krust36@hotmail.com
  14. krust36

    YZ250 ´05 Cylinder and OEM Piston match

    When I was buying a new cylinder for my '03 I was told that 90-95% of the cylinders are "B" because that is the nominal dimension for manufacturing. The others sizes A, C, and D are still within the tolerance range, but not nominal. So you most likely will get a B cylinder as RCannon said. Also as a side note if you buy the OEM piston kit with the rings and gaskets you will get a B piston. If it were me I wouldn't put an A piston in a B cylinder. Pistons aren't that expensive, just buy the correct one and sell the A
  15. krust36

    Mod head test.....Squish band stuff....

    Great info. Thanks for sharing. This is the kind of thing that makes these forums a great place. Even for those of use who are mostly lurkers. Wouldn't that make it a squishee machine? You could open a Kwik-E-Mart. Sorry I couldn't resist...