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  1. Kamik

    New Owner 05 WR450

    yes, that should work just fine. everything but my side panels are from an '05 YZ450, and they fit just fine.
  2. Kamik

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    It's from Baja Designs, I ordered it from the Thumpertalk store.
  3. Kamik

    91 or 104 octane in my WR450??

    doubtful, like clark said, if it's not pinging, and it's still a stock motor, you're not really going to benefit by going to a higher octane. Hell, i once ran my bike on Marked gas once(89 octane) when i ran out of gas in the bush and had to borrow some from my friend on his quad, and my bike still ran fine. Not something I'd do all the time, but still good to know it'll work when needed.
  4. Kamik

    New Owner 05 WR450

    pretty sure the plastics from an '07 won't fit. I replaced the stock rear fender on my '05 with one from an '05 YZ, looks much better than the stock one IMO. I ordered most of my parts from the TT store, they've been good to me so far
  5. here's a few of my better bike/quad pics and one of my own bike
  6. Sorry for the quad pics, it's all I've got, not many people ride bikes around here unfortunately... My friends doing a 12 o'clock soft springs... just a boring panning shot my friend getting sideways in some gravel only decent bike shot i have, of my friend, on MY bike, haha
  7. what's with all the people calling fakes on pics? it's getting pretty pathetic. the pic in question doesn't look fake to me at all, it's just a really terrible pic, that's all.
  8. Kamik

    Dual Sport Insurance?

    here in BC i pay about $220ish a month for my wr450, stupid insurance classes here. i'm grouped into the 401cc-750cc class. i pay more for my wr450 than i did for my older ZX6E, just because of the declared value. bastards....
  9. i recently had an incident happen... mechanical noises ensued... resulted in me needing a new stator and side cover. anyways, i got the side cover but the stator is nowhere to be found, the shop i'm ordering it from had to order it directly from yamaha in japan, and it's looking to be 1-2 weeks out still. none of the other local guys can find one either. anyone know where i might find one sooner than that? i've got 2 weeks off work starting today, i do NOT want to spend this time waiting for my parts to arrive when i've gotta go back to work...
  10. Kamik

    wr450 for large people?

    with 15/42 gearing, last year i hit about 170km/h(105mph) before i let off. it still had more to go though, and that was just with the stock pipe without baffle. felt perfectly stable too, didn't feel like it was going to shake apart or anything. i think you'll enjoy the WR should you choose to go this route.
  11. Kamik

    Urban Supermoto A-GoGo

    yes, very illegal. doesn't stop most people though...
  12. Kamik

    FMF PowerCore need suggestions

    i just bought my Powercore 4 and quiet core insert from the TT store. good price, and it only took like a week to get to my door up here in BC. the pipe really opened up my bike too, totally night and day. i now ride 1 gear higher through most trails, and with 13/50 gearing, 4th and sometimes 5th gear powerwheelies are now possible(with a little body english of course) well worth the money IMO
  13. Kamik

    post pics of your quad

    my thoughts exactly... *disclaimer* i just take pics of what my friends ride, and since like 90% of them ride quads, i don't get many opportunities to shoot bikes
  14. Kamik

    Gray wire mod

    when i bought my bike the salesman said the bike will rev to about 14000rpm, i just nodded and smiled.