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  1. Hey guys i got my 05 yzf450 last month and so far I have put on an HMF slip-on exhaust, removed the air lid, put in a 170 main, 48 pilot, and moved the needle c-clip down two positions (to the stock yfz450 position). Everything seemed to run perfect until today. I did the cam mod today, and at first when I put it back together I screwed up re-installing that half-moon, as it was not totally in the slot that it was supposed to be in. When I went to start it, I could feel that the motor wsa real tight and the starter wsa having a hard time turning it over. So I took it all apart again and realized what I did, and then put it all back together the right way. I was expecting the quad to be all set after that. But, it first took a few minutes to even get the thing started, and finally once I did, it will not stay running if I let off the throttle. I need to press the throttle to make it start and to keep it running. When it is running though, it seems to be running great, but it just won't stay running once i let the throttle go back to the stock position So what could this be?? Any suggestions?? All help appreciated. - Adam