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  1. It feels to me like it needs a steering stabilizer but I was not sure if that was something you could put on the bike. Any thoughts on one that might work would be appreciated. As far as decreased lean angle goes from lowering the front, on the pavement there is more then enough angle that I would never be able to drag anything with the small change. Thanks for the info.
  2. The front end wandered to much at speed the bike felt twitchy. It was worse over the patchs on the pavement. It may just be that i'm not use to it or maybe i'm trying to hard to get it to fel like a sport bike. My main street bike is a FZR400 so I am use to light. quick steering bikes.
  3. Hello, Im pretty new to the forum, I bought a SM about 2 monts ago and have started making a few mods. Since I came from the sportbike crowd, it seemed to me the bike was to tall and lacked stability. I am a street rider only and have no desire to ride off-road. I just installed some 1" risers and dropped the front 1". I also increased rear pre-load. Bike is easier to maneuver and seems to be more stable at speed; at least for me. Just wondering what people think about lowering the bike for street use only and if it is worth lowering the back ie.. lowering links. thanks