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  1. DelboyWR450

    WR450F won't run

    Thanks Guys, I have to say I admitted defeat on this one, accepted my limitations and took it to the workshop where it will as if by magic re-appear running (with any luck!) I'll let you guys know what the final answer was. Cheers for your help:worthy:
  2. DelboyWR450

    WR450F won't run

    Still no joy, I'm not sure if I cleaned the carb thoroughly enough, there didn't appear to be any blockages I could see through the small holes in the various jets etc, but they were quite discoloured, even after I cleaned them in carb cleaner, I wonder if I should have tried some different cleaner as the discoluration is still there and I think that must be old hardened petrol and the "varnish" people talk about? When I used the carb cleaner on the bits nothing came off them, I tried cellulose thinners aswell for good measure, maybe I should have left the stuff to soak for a bit longer. There is definately no fuel getting through as I can't smell any fuel in the exhaust even if I try and tow start the bike, there is fuel getting into the carb OK.
  3. DelboyWR450

    WR450F won't run

    Cheers for the advice guys, after reading your replies, I will just stick at cleaning the carb and leave the jetting until I have gained more confidence. It did run perfectly before the winter, so hopefully it will still be OK once I've cleaned it out. I'm going to give it a go tomorrow, so wish me luck.
  4. DelboyWR450

    WR450F won't run

    Now I'm starting to think if it's not that bad a job and doesn't take that long then I might give it a go, it will take me about 3 or 4 hours round trip to take it to the favourite place around here, so there is the time made up for .Is it worth my while thinking about rejetting it while I'm at it If I'm going to strip the carb. The bike is completely standard from new, no mods as yet.
  5. DelboyWR450

    WR450F won't run

    There was me hoping I would avoid the dreaded carb stripdown:eek:
  6. DelboyWR450

    WR450F won't run

    I hope anyone here can help me. I have a 2005 WR450 which has never been particularly easy to start when it's been left for 2 or 3 weeks, but OK when used regular. I have had it laid up over winter and have tried to start it today, but no joy. I drained the fuel out the tank and bowl (should have done that before leaving it over winter:bonk: ) and refilled it with fresh fuel, but it just won't start. If I spray EasyStart into the air filter it will actually fire for as long as she can sniff the EasyStart fumes in the air filter then it just does, so it defo looks like a fuelling issue. When I drained the fuel out it felt a bit oily to the touch and smelt diferrent to normal, but I'm not sure if it had the tell tale varnish smell or not, it just smelt diferrent and I've not smelt lots of varnish in my time! I have tried both electric and kick starts, but no joy. I primed the carb by giving the throttle 2 quick tugs and made sure that I wasn't pulling the throttle back when trying to start it. I have tried with and without choke. I'm at a loss now as what to try next, I hope I don't have to strip the carb down as I'm not that confident in stripping it down, so it will have to go the workshop. Any ideas would be really welcome:confused: