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  1. Hey I second this request and have done a few searches and I guess this model is a newer one. Any pics of this exhaust but more importantly comments on sound and power output?? Thanks
  2. I have been looking for a way to get black spokes and understand power coating won't work due to the flexing spokes experiance. Has anyone alterd their spoke colors? and if so what methods have been used? Thanks
  3. What site does everyone recommend for a VIN check before making a purchase on a bike (yamaha)? Thanks
  4. This is a question or several I have been pondering a while now about the new ethanol additives in our fuel. First I understand you must burn more alcohol to produce the same power as gasoline. Which I believe stems off the lesser amount of energy in a given amount of alcohol verses gasoline. So the question is if the alcohol affects the power output minutely and say jetting could be opened up a small amount. Second is there any available aftermarket fuel supplier that offers say a pure gasoline fuel that is not 100 octane maybe 93 or 91 so the cost is lower? As I also understand the new fuel is more corrosive. These things I don't worry about for my daily driver but my bike gets a lot less use and of course I rag it out compared to my truck. You know the engines in our entertainment vehicles do get special attention, so if a pure gasoline with the proper additives is available at a decent price I'll do it. Or am I stuck with 100 octane which I think is a lil overkill, or should 100 octane be the requirement for our higher compression 03 450 engines.
  5. Well its time for a plug change, so I thought I would ask what different plug brands and types everyone likes/uses. Plus this is my first plug change with my 03 WR450 (of 1 year), curious if anyone found any improvements with different plugs?? thanks
  6. did you install a complete system or just the powerbomb, guessing maybe the increased air flow might have leaned her out a i lil,
  7. Unibiker fully surrounds radiator assembly's and is fairly thick aluminum, not to mention color options. Plus they bolted right up with a little work even though my left radiator is bent down about 7mm. If it weren't for that I could have installed them with my eyes closed. Superb product verses any others I have seen on my buddies bikes. Money well spent guaranteed. (not an endorsement)
  8. If The Water Pump Is Not Working Catastrophic Engine Damage Would Surely Have Already Resulted
  9. I had the same issue during a ride I went down and when I went to kick it I got a click from the e-start which I knew had a good battery, and the kickstart would NOT budge either. I told my buddies around me I thought my motor just locked up since it was in neutral. I gave it a few pushes back and forth and whatever had caused the motor to not turn over was gone and I haven't experianced that since. I am still curious what had caused it but since I have had no ill running problems ever with the bike I keep on ridin. I do check and change my oil a lot and nothing abnormal has shown itself.
  10. Is The Acceleration As Linear With The 2 Stroke As Is The 4 Stroke
  11. i posted a autozone battery p/n i little while back do a search and it should come up, it only saves about 20% in the weight department but i am positive it is more durable and longer lasting than the factory batt.
  12. Yeah I bought my 03 wr450 from a beast of a man 320lbs. Can my suspension have been effected in a negative way from such extreme loads. I dont believe he was hittin triples or doubles for that matter. I am just getting intrested in my suspension and many ways to imrove it, and thought I should just ask.
  13. If you combine the wr and yz totals then we are not to far behind, as I see the 2 bikes so physically the same other than the new aluminum frame yz. But yes dynamically they are different. Go blue
  14. Does The Diff Between Yz And Wr Clutch Hold Trun For The 03-04 Wr's
  15. ???????????????????195??????????????????????????? yA WHERE????????????