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  1. Thanks for the reply. Do you know if there is a service manual available for it yet? For me that is very important since I rely on the service manual for doing maintenance on my bikes. I'm concerned that when I get it, I wouldn't know how to check/adjust valves (I don't believe the specs would be in the manual that comes with it). Also, if I needed to replace the clutch or do a top end, where would I get the parts? Is the engine in the SSR 250R a clone of something, where I could use parts made for something else? Thanks for answering these questions, TBolt. The SSR 250R looks like a great bike. My only concern is maintenance and parts. Can you offer any tips as to how to handle maintenance on the 250R? Thanks again, Mike
  2. I was too late and missed out on this one: http://tulsa.craigslist.org/mcy/4447889241.html. That 2007 CR125R looked mint and was only $2K. Good deals are out there, though, if you are willing to search and travel a little bit. Seems like I spot deals on bikes that are in the middle of nowhere, where most people aren't willing to drive to.
  3. If you don't need new, I would try to find a mint 2007 Honda CR125R. Wish they still made the Hondas - their seat height was almost 2" shorter than the Yamahas and KTMs (something like 37" vs 39"). I don't think your going to be able to get any lower than that even with a lowering link on the Yamahas and KTMs (and I believe lowering links have mixed reviews - you might not like how it affects the suspension).
  4. OldMike

    What bike reminds you of your glory days?

    1996 CR250R - reminds me of the days when I was younger and dumber Had some good times on that bike...
  5. OldMike

    Brand new bike - catastrophic engine failure

    Wow, the CRF230F is supposed to have bullet proof reliability. I have read about some gruesome things done to them - and they keep on ticking... Did you check the oil level before you rode it? I wonder if it was never filled properly (which would explain why the top end was not getting any oil!) I would push for a new bike also - if that failed I would push for a compromise of a factory new engine - and if not that, at least a complete full engine rebuild... I have had major issues with brand new big dollar pickup trucks straight out of the dealership - I guess sometimes we just get unlucky. I hope it doesn't deter you from still getting a CRF230F - I think they are great bikes and would probably fit the need you describe very well.
  6. Pretty interesting thread... I pretty much exclusively rode woods, but after moving to Texas I decided to give a MX track a try. I did a little research to see which tracks would be filled with people looking to have a good time first, and being competitive somewhere after that. I was also looking for an easier track, that I wasn't going to kill myself on. I ended up going to Burleson MX a few times and had the most fun I ever had riding dirt bikes. Everyone was extra friendly and I met some great people who had crazy stories from when they were traveling the country, trying to make it in MX. Really great times. No one cared what you looked like, how well you rode, or what bike you were on - as long as you got in there and raced! Unfortunately soon after I had some medical issues which forced me away from riding for a long time (I am back again, though in a limited capacity for now!) and haven't been back since. Well now the kids are showing interest, and I am planning on bringing my 5, 9 and 11 year olds to the track (they're the ones demanding it!). There are some tracks where I wouldn't even think about bringing them - they are more difficult tracks ridden by better riders - not beginner friendly. I have found other practice tracks nearby, though that caters to beginners and have kids tracks. To tell you the truth, like others have said, everyone has to pay for track time, and I personally wouldn't be comfortable with my kids and myself becoming annoying obstacles for advanced riders at advanced tracks - after all they paid their money to ride fast and hard - not worry about crashing into some newb that has no idea what they are doing. From my past experience, I plan on meeting some great people in the near future at the places I plan on going to (will definitely be going back to Burleson MX). Hopefully the kids and I will be able to progress to the point where we would fit in better at the more advanced tracks and not be a pylon in the way (and not be treated as such - I do understand both mindsets). There seems to be a lot of tracks out here - and its good to have a choice. If we lived in an area where there weren't tracks that catered to beginner/less experienced MX riders - then maybe I would feel a little differently. For now I am just content on staying out of the better riders way until we can learn to keep up with them... Oh, and I have to say that the annoying Honda_Power troll is really getting on my nerves as well. Seems that every thread I happen to read he is on trying to stir up some trouble. I wonder who got banned and came back as Honda_Power in late April? Seems like an effort to sabotage TT in my opinion.
  7. OldMike

    2015 CRF 450 hype?

    Same here. At this point (considering age and finances) I'm more concerned about rugged reliability, than extreme performance. I also can't figure out the need for dual exhaust I've been lurking for a while. Have always had Honda 2 strokes, and I am trying to figure out what my next bike will be after a long absence of riding. Things have sure changed - and from some things I have read - I'm not sure if they are for the better. Have learned a lot from the discussions here, though...
  8. OldMike

    fmf power core 4

    I'm curious if anyone has bought the Powercore 4 slip-on in the last couple of years for the CRF230F. I have come across some older threads, where owners were having problems with the spark arrestor blowing out of the exhaust. Owners had called FMF, and at the time there was no replacements available. I'm wondering if this was an issue that was fixed since those threads had been posted? If not, is there an easy way to fix this if there is not factory replacement?
  9. OldMike

    FMF Power Core 4 and FMF Q4 Quiet core.

    I had been looking at exhausts for the CRF230F. General consensus from what I read here was that performance wise the stock exhaust was both quiet and efficient. I believe I had read threads where it was mentioned that some aftermarket pipes took away from the low end. I have also read that the spark arrestor on the FMF Powercore 4 would blow out, with no factory replacement available (I believe I had read several threads by different members who this happened to). I don't know if this was a design problem that was eventually fixed by FMF or not. To be honest, I just bought a new OEM Honda header from Rocky Mountain for $35! At that price, it would be economical to replace the header pipe every few years compared to what some of these aftermarket systems go for. I would like to pick up a lighter silencer, and was leaning toward the FMF - but I am concerned about the spark arrestor issues I had read about - so I'm not sure what I am going to do now either...
  10. OldMike

    Procom CDI Review

    Thanks for the links. Of course, I wouldn't actually check to see if the manufacturer sold it direct!
  11. OldMike

    Procom CDI Review

    I'm curious where you guys are buying the Procom CDIs. I have looked at the places I normally buy stuff from, and all I see is the BBR rev box. Can someone give me a link? Sorry if this has been mentioned before - I read through the threads and haven't noticed anyone stating where they purchased theirs from. Thanks.
  12. Can someone give me a measurement for the type of line I should pick up to check the float level like this (length and diameter). I have my bike at a friends house right now, but I would like to purchase the line when I am in town so I have it handy when I pick my bike back up. As always, VortecCPI, thanks for all of the great info and tips!
  13. Thanks - always nice to see a CRF230F making easy work out of trails the bigger bikes have trouble with. That was funny.
  14. OldMike

    Carburetor Corrosion

    Mossman, I think that was a good decision. For a 7 year old carb, that was just crazy corrosion. I wonder if there was a defect in the manufacturing?
  15. OldMike

    Dail-A-Jet Review

    Thanks for all of the great detailed information on the Dial-A-Jet. I'm starting from square one on my newly acquired CRF230F and just ordered all of the jets to do the regular uncorking/rejet. Your posts may come in real handy for when I get around to phase 2 of my upgrades. The link that you provided to the Valkyrie website has some graphs that really show what the DAJ does. Pretty impressive. To be honest before reading your thread it seemed gimmicky to me as I had seen the product in the past and dismissed it without really looking into it.