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    Will a CRF250 haul 250lbs up hill?

    I appreciate the feedback... I should add that he's looking at the X's and not the R's if that makes a big difference in your replies. Thx!
  2. Hey all, My buddy is currently on a CRF230 but the suspension and power is kinda laggin (maybe cuz he's 250lbs loaded w/ gear). I'm about the same size as him but quite happy with the way my XR250R pulls me around. I can typically shoot past him on hill climbs (if my juevos are grande enough). We only do recreational trail and hill climb stuff so I'm thinking the CRF250 should be enough for him (and save him $1k) but he's leanin' towards the 450 based solely on power and suspension. Any riders in the 250lb range havin' a ball with their crf250 or would he regret not getting a 450? Thanks for any feedback, XR_Geo ------------- 04' XR250R (one CC per LB and still having fun)
  3. XR_Geo

    Holy Crap Whats Going On?

    Crazy tsunami season, huh? A friend and I drove to Frazier Park up Lockwood Valley Road this morning (Sunday) and according to a ranger we spoke with they got slammed with hail, t-storms and flash flooding Saturday night. We ran into nearly 1/2 dozen areas of the road that were covered with mud slides, large boulders and tree stumps in the roadway. We also stopped and talked to a couple riders who were just up for the day and they said trails between Halfmoon, Sunset and Goldhill Campgrounds were impassible, couldn't even locate the trail due to being washed out. Also spoke to some riders camping at Chuchupate and they said it looked like a war zone up top with downed trees and flooding in the area. Right now my same friend is driving to Phoenix and as he called it "passing through the belly of the beast" near Palm Springs. Pitch black skies in the middle of the afternoon, massive lightning strikes, and downpours. In looking at the weather map it looks like I10 is gonna stay like that for a few more hours. I guess mother nature is gonna give us a ride of her own. XR_Geo