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  1. Unfortuneatly the Vapors don't have the quick disconnect feature like the endurance. It would be nice though. I put a big piece of shrink tube over my Vapor harness and connectors so now it's even harder to take if off!
  2. Sweet, good to know!
  3. Thanks for the heads up Grey. I was kind of going off the setup on my YFZ450 which is (well...was, before going all DC) AC and DC output. Is the YZF all AC? Does the CDI act as the regulator?
  4. What part of the stator died? The charging side or the ignition side? I've heard of a bad rectifier/regulator taking out the charging/lighting coil side.
  5. That IS a ton of rust/corrosion! Did it wash up after a big trade wind blew through? Ha for $80. I'd be a little worried about the rust on the bottom of the frame though. I'd hate to come down a hill and have the frame split in two...
  6. I'm running the 606's about 50/50 road/dirt right now and love em. They are a little loud after the first 800-100 miles, but it's a dirt bike right? I feel like the cornering traction is really good too. So far have 1500 miles on 'em and can't see much wear.
  7. Nice job for a budget project! Waaaaay better looking than stock!
  8. I've gone over my Vapor acidentally really quick with pressure before and had no problems. I get it wet all the time from rain, water crossings and normal washings and its been good for 18 months now. I've had good luck with those guys, hopefully they will take your word for it. I kinda try not to use pressure on anything on my bars just to avoid any component failure...
  9. Thas awsome! Thanks Eddie and Rompa.
  10. Nothing? Should I post this in the Intake/Jetting forum?
  11. Hey everyone! I have tried searching quite a bit but couldn't find a setup that was close enough to mine and the altitude that I'm planning on. Heading up to the mountains this weekend and would like my jetting to be right on so I can just enjoy the ride. I am running a FMF Q2 with a power bomb header, 3x3 mod, stock carb, with the Kientech fuel screw, and 160main, JD blue needle 3rd clip, stock Pilot at 200'. Expected alt will be 6500-8000' and 50-70 degrees. Should I go to the red needle? And what about the 25 pilot that comes with the JD kit? Should I ever use it with the Kientech screw? Thanks for the input!
  12. got me. Other than having the wrong screw in there I've never seen that happen. Weird. Maybe the threads in the carb are wasted. Sorry man!
  13. Oh yea...You don't have the FCR screw do you?
  14. Will it even fall out if its only a turn or two out? Or do you run it further out than 3 turns?
  15. Sounds to me like you might have forgotten to swap the spring or o-ring from the stock mixture screw. The spring holds tension on the screw, and the o-ring keeps it from leaking. The spring should go on the screw first, then the small flat washer, and lastly the o-ring. Check the shop manual or an online parts fishe for a diagram. Also seems like your too lean on your main jet. The DJ stage 1 kit doesn't alow for the airbox mod. You should be about at a 155 main, stock pilot with that fuel screw, and clip positon may depend on what needle you have. I highly recomend the JD kit, on the 3rd clip on the blue needle. I run the same setup but with a 160 main at sea level. Good luck!