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  1. Thanks for the encouragement! What is the preferred system of measurement for these shims? Metric or Imperial? OD and thickness of each shim?
  2. I think I'm in over my head with this. I don't even understand the basic terms like "bleed shim", "face shim", etc. I have a pretty good mechanical mind, can take stuff apart and put it back together, but I honestly don't understand what I'm doing here. I'd need paint-by-number instructions, and I realize that's asking too much. I will post measurements of the shims this weekend, but I wonder if I could just send the damper rod/valve out to a suspension shop for a revalve without having to ship the forks? Do any of the shops work that way? Any recommendations? I hate to come across as a cheapskate, but that's what I am with this project.
  3. Ok, here is how the stack came apart: Where do I go from here to roughly double rebound damping? I am actually practicing this on a set of trashed forks (rusted tubes) before I get into my good set. This means I have an extra set of stock shims to use, if that helps. I didn't worry about the peening either, just took the nut off. Didn't break anything, but the nut didn't want to go back on. What's the right way to do this? Thanks, I really appreciate the help.
  4. Thank you! So, I take that stack apart and post what's in there and you guys can help me changing it? I'm guessing the compression damping might work as is? What I want to end up with is forks that are very sensitive on the initial bump, yet don't dive too much under braking. Something that will eat up pot holes, rough railroad crossings, etc. without beating me up too bad. And not pogo-stick with the heavier springs (I'm going almost double the stock spring rate).
  5. The springs I'm getting ready to order from Racetech were supposed to be calculated for the reduced travel of my forks. I guess that makes "cutting down" anything else unneccessary? Where do I find this "stack" you speak of? The one for the rebound, specifically?
  6. I could use some help from the experts here. Forks are off a '96 to '98 Suzuki RM. Last generation Showa conventional twin chambers. These are going on a different bike, kind of a streetbike/scrambler build, and I need to shorten travel by 3.5" So I took them apart (I am NOT a suspension expert) and after looking at the guts and doing some thinking, I came up with the idea to put a spacer on the damper rod. Looks like this: Seems to have done the trick. Everything went back together and seems to be functioning, 3.5" shorter. Is this all there is to this? Furthermore, the bike these are going on is much heavier than an RM, around 450lbs. So I need heavier springs. Talked to Racetech and they have what I need. But, surely these forks will need revalving. I was just going to send them out to have it done, but I'm on a budget with this and there are so many other things on the bike that will eat money. Could you guys either help me getting this done myself, or point/link me in the direction of some instructions? I'm thinking I need to at least increase rebound damping a good bit. This bike won't be raced, let alone jumped. Just ridden on really bad country roads and graded dirt/gravel. Thanks a bunch in advance, 4Takt.
  7. I would go with my own bike, an '83 Maico 490 SandSpider. The SS has the wide 5-speed transmission, big tank, excellent suspension. Mine has been dead reliable for many years now. I also own an XR650R, so I have a yard stick to measure the Maico by.
  8. 4Takt

    Easy Starting Guidelines for a Honda CR480

    I would add one piece of advice to the OP's drill: While you do this: Keep the kill button pushed. IF the bike actually fires while your "cycling it", which CAN happen, you could be in a world of hurt.
  9. 4Takt

    Honda Cr 250 Pre mixes, Best 2stroke oil??

    Back in the '80s, living in Europe, I used to run an oil called Castrol BioLube. I think it was made for marine applications (biodegradable), but many MX guys used it. It smelled absolutely amazing. Never seen it in the US. Does anybody know if that stuff is available here, maybe under a different name? Funny as that may sound, I really, really miss the smell...
  10. 4Takt

    Anybody with a CR500

    40:1, extra virgin olive oil (organic).
  11. 4Takt

    Help with CR480

    I own a couple of '84s and an '85. On all three the check hole is about an inch below the center of the clutch, and that's maximum oil level.
  12. 4Takt

    Help with CR480

    There's gonna be some smoke, your burning oil with the fuel after all. Go watch some old MX videos on YouTube to get an idea of how much smoke is "normal". Aircooled cylinders are always much noisier than watercooled ones. How much noise is normal is hard to gauge without experience. Maybe find somebody who knows these bikes and have them listen to it, or record a video and put it on here, then we can help.
  13. 4Takt

    Help with CR480

    Not the fill hole! I think you're talking about the check hole...
  14. 4Takt

    Dirt Bike Honda CR480RC CR480RD tests

    Actually, I found one. Here: http://www.********************/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=26653 Well, isn't that something, the URL is being blocked when I try to link to it. Here it is: http: //www. onthepiperacing. com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=26653 close the spaces. Now, my other bike is an '85 CR500. Google brings up no magazine tests/reviews for that bike at all. Do you have anything on it? Thanks, 4Takt
  15. 4Takt

    Dirt Bike Honda CR480RC CR480RD tests

    Thanks for posting this! You wouldn't happen to have a test of the '84 CR500 you could scan, would you? 4Takt