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  1. racer511

    mx vs atv reflex

    count me in curiouscal511
  2. racer511

    mx vs atv reflex

    Count me in. curiouscal511 ill be the one that gets lapped.
  3. racer511

    when your day goes from good to bad

    Sounds like this is the place for my little story. Lets start with the facts. My bike is a 2004 yz125. I bought it in the summer of 06. At the time of purchase it ran like a champ. Two months in to having it(mind you that I was transitioning from an 80 to a 125 so it only got ridden a dozen times) it died. It had been running good all day when I was coming into a corner and it just dies. No compression or anything. Turns out that the guy who owned it before me hadnt clocked the ring right and it had hooked an exhaust port. 500 dollars later had a brand new top end. Fast forward to the begging of the summer of 2008. First race of the summer and the bike is running good. Coming out of a long sweeping left hander and just getting to pinned 3rd gear, it shuts down. Wont turn over but the clutch still works fine and it will still shift threw the gear but wont run. Turned out to be the plastic that is on the crank had melted. About 1000 dollars later and a new crank, piston, honed cylinder, and all the goodies that come with rebuilding the bottom end (eg. gaskets ect.) I have a bike that now runs like a dream. But when I had to go threw the bottom end the piston that came out of the bike(the one that went into it when I redid the top end originally) still looked great. A few regular wear marks but nothing unusual. I'll bet that piston had close to 60 hours on it. Granted looking at it it was about time for it to be changed. My point? If you are a slow rider/racer like me and you maintain your bike well, you can get those kind of hours out of a piston. Oh and by the way I was running a 3:2 ratio of premium pump gas to race gas giving me about an octane level of about 96-97ish.
  4. racer511

    hard choice, yz 125, or 450?

    I personally have a 2004 yz125 and my dad has a 2006 yz450. Having ridden both back to back in my opinion is that the 125 is an easier and far more fun bike to ride for an extended time. I can ride the 450 for 4-5 laps at race pace but I can ride the 125 for 9+ at race pace and actually still not have any real armpump or to much fatigue after riding it. I really dont feel any more stable or get any better suspension action out of the 450 vs. the 125. Go with the 125, way more fun and cheaper maintenance.
  5. racer511

    This is Ridiculous

    I happen to be white myself, and if I saw anyone riding like that in a place like that on bikes that look like that (as in looking almost brand new, or atleast really well maintained) i would believe they were stolen. I dont care if your white, black, red, yellow, hell even if your purple, when your an idiot and make an asshat out of yourself like that I think you should serve major jail time. Thats if some one doesn't accidentally hit you when you do a wheelie in front of them. People like that give the sport a bad name and i feel that all of the legit riders should group up and put a good ol' fashion beatdown on idiots like that.
  6. racer511

    Back to the dark side!

    That tube would actually be the vent tube for the power valve. If you let it idle and put your hand under it and wind the bike up a lil bit, you will actually feel little poofs of air coming out of it. A lil oil coming out of it is going to be normal. Nice bike by the way.
  7. Oh and yes that lawsuit is extremely stupid. I feel for the family but I do think they were more at fault then the company who made the machine.
  8. Ok. I've decided that I have to chime in my 2 cents. First of all not all utv drivers are tards. Its like any other part of the off road world, you have those that are really good and safe people while they operate their respective machinery. And then there are the "tards", the ones that normally have a video camera and post it where someone is bound to see it (eg. youtube). And I know everyone has heard something like this before so I'm not going to rant on it to hard. Being the son of someone who owns a polaris rzr, they arent the same as their utility work horse cousins. Granted we have rolled it before (me being the passenger and never even came close to getting hurt). But then again everyone has made their mistakes before:busted: . Got to say though, on 50 in. required trails we have never had problems with people getting past us and even had other quads get past us fairly easy. But I do believe that the size requirements should be a little more strictly enforced. And trust me, these machines CAN keep up with almost anything in the woods with the right driver in the seat.
  9. racer511

    New Two Wheeled Training Device

    I have the EX 7. I know if I had had the extra money I would have gotten the 8.
  10. racer511

    RC videos

    not to be a spoil sport but isnt that canard??
  11. racer511

    Fines for Knight & Palmer?

    I know that I like it when someone is out there pushing the "man" at any time in a season, it makes for good racing. Like anytime that James pushed Ricky, it was fun to watch those races. After seeing what Knight did and reading what he has said and all the nonsense that surrounds him, I dont really care for the guy. I think that if ktm was telling Taddy to let Knight win then I believe that he did the right thing in RACING THE RACE and going for the win. Isnt that what racing is? Trying to win? I know that if I was racing a friend or teammate I would run them high in a corner or block a line to win. Although I would never purposely hurt anyone to get the win, thats bad sportsmanship.
  12. racer511

    Would a YZ 250 fit in this chassis???

    I know that if I could get my hands on a 2004 yz250 motor I would put it in my 125 frame for the simple reason of I cant afford a 250 and I really want one. Although the motor would have to be the right deal at the right time since I'm kinda broke.
  13. racer511

    Looking to get a pit bike

    Thanks for all the help guys. NCC where are you at in Nebraska?? And I thought that the x2 was a 90cc engine??
  14. racer511

    Looking to get a pit bike

    Well I think I've decided what to get myself for a graduation gift ( ) and thought that i would buy a pit bike. I've decided I want to go with a pitsterpro. My question is where should I buy it from and which one should I get. I kinda think that I want the x2 but I'm not entirely sure. Any suggestions??
  15. Where did yo get the graphics or are those custom?