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  1. csenior

    Middle aged fear!

    I feel your pain. I'm a 45 year old DRZ400 rider, and I can assure you it's not the bike. Remember though, that momentum is the key, not speed. You don't have to go flying over obstacles, just don't plod over them. The DRZ has lovely, plush suspension and a tractor motor, so a little speed and a little gas go a long way. I'm constantly surprised how easy ledges and roots are if you relax and do it right. As far as pain, the vast majority of my get-offs are from over braking, going too slow, or panicking. If you focus on smoothness and momentum riding gets a whole lot more fun.
  2. csenior

    How to take really steep hills?

    I ride at Carnegie frequently and try new hills only on the prime traction days. Carnegie gets so nasty so fast, that it can make a big difference WHEN you try a hill. This time of year, I'm sticking to what I know. Go try that hill two our three days after the next rain. You'll have a lot more traction, and if you do make it, it will be easier forever. If you're talking about the hill I think you are, you're more of a man than I.