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  1. Does anyone know if the 2006 will come with a kick start and when will they be available?
  2. Does anyone know if the 2006 will come with a kick start and when will they be available?
  3. I would have a kickstart then an electric start, for a few reasons: it saves weight, its more reliable and it looks cooler and is more fun if its a kick start, IMO.
  4. How could you say it sucks if its your first bike and you have nothing to compare it to?
  5. I think the kick start is fine, its more reliable and saves some weight. Does anyone know when the 2006 crf150 might be available?
  6. I would suggest getting a 250, its lighter than a 230 and has alot more power. If it is too expensive, try to find a used one.
  7. I like the 150 because I dont want a two stroke and its smaller so its a little easier to ride.
  8. 5'6", 120 lbs, pretty muscular. Im 14, I used to have a 70 when I was 9, and I have ridden my friends 100 a few times, so I have a little experience.
  9. I am going to purchase a CRF150 soon and I hope they dont stop making them. (Besides the fact that the resell value goes up. It is the perfect bike for me: The 100 is too small, the 230 too big. I have ridden a ttr and a crf, and I perfer the crf, it has more power, is bigger and is more comfortable.
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering, is there a major speed diffrence between the 150 and 230? My friend has a 230 and I am probably gonna get a 150, however, if there is a big diffrence, I might get the 230. Thanks!
  11. If this is your first bike, a 150 would be much easier(fun) to learn on.
  12. Lol, big price diff between dedicated and free. Free hosting companies are good if you want free hosting.
  13. Hello everyone, I was wondering, are there any cheaper alternatives to buying a trailer to move my CRF150 around?