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  1. how much he charge you for front and rear? i might win the lottery and be able to drop some big bills. the XRR is the cheap way to make mine better. i know i need the rear resprung and i have racetech progressive springs but valving and everything else would be killer.
  2. you never know!! its just good to see people here to help one another!
  3. got almost everything torn down on the 88 XR250R. one of the linkage bolts is seized up thats stopping me from being down to just frame and motor, exhaust and air box. my buddy here on the island is going to buy all the other parts off me. and is even going to help swap side cases and weld in the mounts. i have everything removed, last thing is side case w/ oil cooler assembly, than take my bikes side cover, exhaust and rear brake off and than i can switch them and gain the oil cooler! I wanna share that this bike has sat for maybe 4-5 years. cleaned the carb, plug, put some fresh gas, and it started!! i love honda! let me remind you thats running with the frame rails on the ground, no front or rear end and a cut throttle cable.. one of the weirdest times trying to start a bike. but ran!!
  4. I didnt know the 250L swing arm was longer. interesting. is there a difference in over all shock height?
  5. Hey I have a 92 XR250L passenger pegs. I haven't carried anyone in 7 years, so if your going to use them unlike me, ill let them go for 50 shipped. I got paypal too if that makes it easier.
  6. Thanks, I searched and searched for 50 topics like mine, ended up changing the needle and air fuel and got it to run great. so thats back to the owner already. i just gotta find a good website to buy jets from.
  7. so been going through the XR50. greased everything, adjusted all the brake cables and lubed everything. took the carb off, it has 35p/89m jets. everything looked super clean. blew it all out with air, to make sure its clean. installed it all back up, clean the plug, added fresh gas. it ran for awhile but will no idle and back fires coming down from high revs. also the plug was black as hell after wards. so i checked the fuel air screw and it was only out maybe a half turn. so i tried a full turn out, 1.5 out. didnt run any better or worse. i think it has to do with being cold out, and the pod air filter. makes the jetting harder. anyone have some ideas?
  8. Hey everyone, i picked up a 99 XR100 bored over to 120cc. all stock exhaust and airbox, but i need to know what people are using for jets at sea level. right now its at 38/95. been reading people go to 40/102. does that sound right? gotta tune it up soon its not even past break in and i dont want to run it lean any longer. also have a 2001 XR50 with all BBR upgrades. 88cc kit and exhaust, pod k&n filter. dont know what the jetting is yet, but wanna know what other people are using? doing all this for some side work, got the XR100 carb out. callin around to see if my buddys have those jets laying around. if anyone can say the 40/102 would work for the XR120. that would be great!!
  9. the spark plug mod gives a hotter spark. i think only the 250L came with the resistor in the spark plug wire. since it was street legal. Ive never heard much about swapping over a 250R CDI box and coil.. anyone ever done that? the benefit is easier starting and better throttle response. but thats with the basic uncorking included. i might end up trying to shim my cush drive too, but i really should order new rubber first.
  10. so i picked up the bike tonight, had my buddy meet me at the bar, bought him a beer and a shot for driving the bike down 10 miles. he even loaded it into my truck when i wasnt around!! but its in bad shape, this was the only way i thought of to show the pics. kinda small pics. but anyways i will need to sand and repaint the case cover, swap my clutch arm and buy a gasket to do the swap, and i might as well get all new o-rings and crush washers for when i reassemble it. i already have a local buddy who rides hard wanting to get all the other parts off of it i dont need. so that makes it easier on my wallet i just talked to the old owner through facebook and he said his uncle found it in the dunes, you could only see the front tire, dug it out of the sand and cleaned it up, ran like a champ. his story makes me wonder about how well it was taken care of. but the parts i want are there. so whatever anyone have experience with painting side cases like this? im a low budget kind of person lately so powder coating is out of my grasp. the rest of my XR280L is black, so i like the idea of painting them black, but the rest of the motor wouldnt be done.. look strange.. ideas? thanks here a link to my old thread of when i started building my XR280L. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=538007&highlight= https://fbcdn-photos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/315525_10150367916908684_665518683_8280943_270017033_a.jpg https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/302196_10150367916948684_665518683_8280944_542157990_n.jpg
  11. having a 92 XR250L that was the second bike i ever rode, plus ive had it for 13 years now. the main things that i found to make it move faster is. big bore kit, 277cc kit with higher compression. the 250 L is already lower than the 250r in compression. more displacement more power..... full exhaust or even 250R exhaust i have 1mm larger ID headers and a cobra pipe. wish it was a supertrapp. the 250l exhaust is smaller ID than the 250R. forget what years work. or simply take the stock headers off, ground the welds down, take snorkel out of air box, and bump up the jets a couple sizes. that's the basic uncorking. it helps make it move faster you could also swap a 250r carb, but many prefer the stock, because you can adjust the pumper to engage earlier giving you a boost of power earlier, i dont have any experience with the stock carb. mines had a 250r on it since we bought it. i now have the Mikuni 34mm flat slide with quarter turn race throttle from thumperracing. they did all my engine work. the mikuni isnt great for low end chugging. but rapping through gears it pulls super hard. but thats with the 277cc kit and 250r cam and ported and polished head. hard to say its all the carb. also removing the battery box and tucking all your electrical into your air box (cuts down weight which makes more power!) you can add a capacitor to replace the battery so the lights don't dim, and i even added a switch in the headlight shell that turns off the low beams from powering up when i kick start it to help start the engine faster. so it doesnt draw any power. bike starts in three kicks even if its been sitting for a month. but what most people tell me is if you wanna be faster wherever you ride, have your suspension redone professionally. that will make you ride faster over the same terrain. ive heard the 250L shock is better when rebuilt than the 250R shock. but thats just what i heard... you can try adding pvc spacers in the front forks to give them more preload. i found that to help for trail riding. i ended up finding some progressive fork springs from race tech. they are ok. rather have USD CR250R forks.. but cant afford it now. you can also do the spark plug mod. which requires a 6 or 8mm bolt cut off and grounded down to the same length as the resistor which is inside the spark plug wire, look down the hole and you will see a flat head screw, take it out, a spring will come with it too, dont loose the spring, replace resistor with the bolt, put both spring and new bolt back into wire assembly. and that will basically gives a hotter spark for a shorter duration, stock its a weaker spark for a longer duration. and last i can think of is change your gearing, if your looking for more top end, or lower end, adding or lowering the number of teeth on the rear can make a big difference in the way it gets up through the gears. remember compared to the 250R 4th 5th and 6th gears are taller, for more higher speeds with lower RPMS. i currently run 13-38, stock is 13-40. i wanted more top speed for cruising fast around the island here, but i have a set of 12-44 i use if i need to climb mountains or trees. but first gear is almost useless with that setup. thats my rant. hope it gives you a idea of what you can do to your 250L. they are great bikes. ill never sell mine, it will live in the family barn till im a old fart. just like my 85 ATC250ES Super Red. ill be riding them both for the rest of my life. have fun! ride safe!! hope this helped.
  12. only thing i know of is to swap out the whole swing arm assembly, shock and wheel and all with a XR250R. which has no cush drive. i was thinking about that myself since tomorrow i pick up a 87 XR250R. mainly for the oil cooler. but i could swap everything over. only problem i see is i have all new bearings in the wheel. and the old 87 doesn't. so its more money to get it back to shape than just to use the cush drive wheel.
  13. it would be kinda of a conversation starter to have one of those. i wonder how much it would lower your oil temps. really cool idea. i would get it if it fit.
  14. hey also been researching other peoples installs, good job redrider! but people brought up oldrice.com and they have this dipstick call isocycle dipstick and its a small oil cooler, anyone ever try one? does it fit the XRs? http://www.oldrice.com/Swissoil.html its down 3/4 on the page.
  15. Hey everyone! been awhile since i been on here, but i had to share this. yesterday went over to a buddys house who i havent seen in a year or two, started walkin around his property and leaning agianst a little wood shed was a 87 XR250R. i asked what he was doing with it, he said it was a friends and no plans ever for it. i said 100 bucks? he said done. so i will pick it up when i get paid this week. the best part of picking it up, it has the oil cooler!!! my 92XR280L. with all the mods i could do to it at the time. but since i have had it, i have wanted to find a right side case cover with the oil cooler lines and the oil cooler itself. to buy those parts new would be like 500 bucks.. i know the cooler is about 150ish. so i scored!! the 87 is in bad shape, no handle bars, no side panels. but has brand new tire on the front. has good forks and shocks. swing arm. all the stuff thats different on my XR280L. so now i gotta tear it down, start planning the oil cooler mounts. and get back to riding!! ill post pics and what not when i get it home and start working on it!