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  1. Jwren00

    Jetting question

    Sounds to me like you're still running this bike rich. I'd say clean out the carb, run stock jetting (especially on the idle/pilot jet, there's no reason for you to go richer than stock there), run the clip up in the 2nd position (1 leaner than stock), repack your silencer, and try to keep the RPM's up if you can.
  2. Jwren00

    FMF Ti Powercore?

    I'm selling mine. It's basically brand new. It comes with two spark arrestor inserts (one of them is the quiet core insert). http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160036277066&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:MT:31 My bike is also for sale. If you know anyone in the Denver area who would be interested, let me know. Sorry for the spam, I just need to get rid of my stuff ASAP. Thanks for understanding.
  3. Jwren00

    Thinking of moving to CO

    No. Evergreen is a really nice small mountain town. Go here: www.recolorado.com and search for homes in zip code 80439. If you enjoy the outdoors - hiking, mountain biking, skiing, golf, fly fishing, hunting, dirtbikes/4 wheelers, etc. - it is a great place to be. If you have a wife that has to be near the mall and the fancy restaurants, she won't like it that much - Denver is only 30 minutes down the hill though. Since you've lived in Vail, just imagine Vail but less expensive (definitely not cheap though), closer to Denver, and better weather year-round.
  4. Jwren00

    Thinking of moving to CO

    Yes, 70 during a ski weekend or 25 during rush hour is not the place you want to be. I think you went a little overboard though. So Cal is so much more crowded than Colorado they're not even comparable.
  5. Jwren00

    Thinking of moving to CO

    Ft. Collins just won "best small city in america" in Money magazine. Watch the video here: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/bplive/2006/snapshots/PL0827425.html Fort Collins is a nice place, especially if you like Beer . I grew up in Evergreen - like he said it is very nice, but too expensive for me, I'm only 24. I went to college in Santa Barbara so I know what So Cal is all about and I like it much better here. I live in Denver, about 10 minutes southeast of downdown in Cherry Creek. I don't know much about riding in Ft. Collins, but I'm sure somebody else will chime in. Make the move, it's a great area!
  6. Jwren00

    Bike continually wants to stall

    I ride at 5500 feet in Colorado and use a 165 main jet. I also moved the clip on the needle one position leaner. I keep my screw at 2 turns out and adjusted my idle from there and it runs well. You might want to try that, especially in the hot summer heat which will make your fuel/air mix even richer.
  7. yeah they are rubber mounted in 4 spots.
  8. Jwren00

    Motor Going Bad...

    Yamaha just recalled the 2006 yz250f and is replacing valves for free. I think Kawasaki should go public with a statement if this really is as big of a problem as it seems to be. The very least they could do is say what serial numbers might have the weak pins...
  9. Jwren00

    I'm back with oil issues in 1 bike

    Take it back to the dealer and tell them to call tech support? Kawi should cover this I would think...
  10. Jwren00

    pipe shootout?

    I'm thinking about getting the powercore too. Glad to hear you like it. Three inches shorter than stock sounds awesome too.
  11. Jwren00

    2007 info for you Greenies

    Here's the info straight from Kawasaki, click on the information tab: http://www.kawasaki.com/html/default_frame.asp?strContentURL=/html/motorcycles/motocross/kx450f_frame.asp Click on the multimedia tab to look at all the pictures. The hubs look good! http://www.kawasaki.com/kawasaki_main/images/products/motorcycle/2668_800.jpg This is interesting: - Frame is wider at the rider’s ankles, for better grip and narrower around the seat for a slim riding position and enhanced maneuverability
  12. Jwren00

    slip-ons vrs head pipes?

    I'm going to order that one I think, I need a spark arrestor. Where did you get it for $250? I've seen it for $270 at some places online but not $250.
  13. Jwren00

    Proper jetting... please help

    I ride at 5500 feet in colorado, your bike is probably running too rich. This is what you need to do: Change the main to a 165, move the clip on the needle one position up (one slot leaner), and set your pilot screw to 2 turns out. This works well for me.
  14. Jwren00

    Local guy has KX450F for $4300

    Where's the pics????
  15. Jwren00

    Kx450 Shift Detent Bolt!!

    Can you tell us the last 4 digits of your vin #? Appreciate it