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  1. 02fourtwosix

    favorite riding gear brand

    It's Thor for me. I like the Phase pants along with the Static shirt because of the cooler 3/4 sleeves.
  2. 02fourtwosix

    What's the best way to start a YZF426?

    I was reading this post through and it is amazing how many people stress to not give it any gas whatsoever. I have owned thumpers since they were heavy undesireables and have found the following system to work well and usually start on the second kick: 1) One quick blip of the throttle and then put your hand on front brake reservoir. 2) Kick through to TDC (the kickstart will pretty much refuse to go further) 3) Pull in Decomp and kick down 1/2 inch then let go of Decomp 4) Bring Kickstart back up and give a nice firm kick all the way through the stroke. In the last step it is very important to kick all the way through and do not kick it too fast, it is my understanding that the Decompression does not work correctly if it is kicked over 750 RPM. Hence, you drop your bike in the last turn and kick like a lunatic only to find that it starts when you are dead tired and dead last. Just my 2 cents. Oh, and if you think these current bikes are hard to start I used to have an early 90's KTM 600 with the left side kick and I have a 30" inseam. People used to ask if they could ride it and i'd say "Sure, if you can start it" No need to lock it up.
  3. 02fourtwosix

    YZ450 Suspension Settings?

    I am in the neighborhood of 200Lbs and found these settings to be pretty good: Forks: Turned the compression out to 11 and the rebound to 10. Shock: I set the ride height at 100mm, the rebound on 12 clicks out and the low-speed compression on 12.
  4. 02fourtwosix

    Big Time Alessi Fan

    Supposedly there was a whole section of people at Glen Helen with Alessi signs. With the amount of people the Alessi's have pissed off, it could be anyones grandma.
  5. 02fourtwosix

    Big Time Alessi Fan

    I don't want to start a bashing thread here but I found this photo on another site and thought some of you might find it amusing. LMAO
  6. 02fourtwosix

    A nice leisurely drive down the dragon.

    "Their gonna kick our &sses!!!" That's what all Harley posers want you to think. The only way that photo could be funnier is if it was Paulie Sr. on the bike. LMAO
  7. Check your tire pressure. I got a new tire and went right out without checking it, was all over the place. Found out there was 40lbs of air in there. Just a thought.
  8. 02fourtwosix

    I've seen the 2008!!!

    That first pic is pretty hilarious. They edited/painted the fork tube black on the left of the bike, you can see that they missed part of the lower tube where it meets the top of the fork. Nice cob job.
  9. 02fourtwosix

    06 yzf 450 vs 06 crf dyno graphs.

    This is not really jetting related but when you dyno the bike can you do it with the knobby on the bike or do you change it to a street tire? My buddy has a dyno and i'd like to throw mine on there. Thanks.
  10. 02fourtwosix

    Any reviews on quiet pipe ?

    Not quite a review but I also am doing some research for a quiet pipe for my YZ450. It seems that the FMF Q is pretty much tops as far a being quiet and also posting some gains and I will probably go with it. I have "googled" FMF Q TEST and found an amazing amount of articles on them, some even with sound clips before and after. I don't currently have a problem in my area with the noise but once you have a problem its too late. Enjoy that KX. Cheers.
  11. 02fourtwosix

    FMF Q Anyone Have One?

    I just bought a leftover YZ450F and it is quite a bit louder than the stock 426 it replaced. Does the FMF Q make the bike much quieter and what, if any, changes does it make to the overall power? Any comments would be great.
  12. 02fourtwosix

    YZ426 graphics kits

    I always thought these black and orange Throttle jockey ones were cool. http://www.dbsracing.com/throttlejockey.htm
  13. 02fourtwosix

    Team 199/Suzuki In The Baja 1000

    I don't want to make this a Pastrana bashing thread but that guy is the biggest waste of motocross talent the world has ever seen. Overloaded with so much talent it overflows in the form of stupid decisions. Just venting. Good to see Rick Johnson back in the mix.